Day 73- Cooling down now!


Good evening! Anyone sunburnt? I hope you are all ‘Slip! Slap! Slopping!’ during this hot weather. (comment if you want to know what this means!)

Anyway I have been really lethargic today. After my making flourish this morning I found it really difficult to keep my making hat on. Particularly as the house needed cleaning…..the monsters have been at large!

Sitting having morning coffee in the back garden, I contemplated why I can take the heat of the mediterranean climate, but I struggle in the heat of the UK? The geographic part of my brain was being used as I contemplated…is it because we are further north? I came to the conclusion that there are two factors in the difference. Being an island and our position in the world = Humidity!

Humidity aside…it was hot today! I was so pleased again that I was not in the classroom, but able to ….well clean the bathroom, stairs, bedrooms, sitting room and kitchen! Strike that! Maybe it would have been better to be in the classroom…..I forgot I have now got air conditioning in my classroom. Bonus!

Anyway lethargy in place I really struggled to create that other make I promised you this morning. But……I have got some things to show you. Want to see?

Of course you do, or you would not have checked in! First I need to show you this……..

Now I cannot claim to have made these. They were actually made by a work colleague of Ter Lou’s….great aren’t they! They are brooches too. She also experimented with this…….

….Now I think this is really cute! Luckily she has explained to Ter Lou how to make them, so watch this space!

I have, however, started this today, preparations for tomorrow. I am going to give you a sneak peak……..

 ……I wonder what this could be?

It was craft club tonight too. Craft club is when Mum, Auntie M, Ter Lou, myself and sometimes Cousin V and Lady J get together to share projects and crafts. We run a stall every year at a local Christmas bazaar, and this is a chance to catch up, make and share project ideas. Sometimes it is just a chat. Tonight seemed to be one of those nights. The lethargy that I felt this afternoon was definitely felt by everyone. Myself and Auntie M did actually partake in some craft however, while we sat in the garden drinking coffee…..

… is what I did! Boring I know, but necessary as I need this cardigan for my holiday. Mum and Ter Lou however were happy to sit and chat. (…well Ter Lou came with lots of projects for everyone else to do; mainly me!)

Anyway we finished early tonight as we were all feeling tired….humidity again! I must admit there is a delicious breeze floating down from the rolling hills this evening, which I am really enjoying as I sit here and blog. I have to be up early tomorrow too…..Boo’s assembly. I can’t wait!

See you tomorrow.



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