Day 75- again!



So we didn’t win Eurovision again. Booooo! All good-natured fun of course. We tune in every year to see Eastern European countries…….most of which are in Asia….voting for their neighbours because they leant them a fiver 20 years ago. It should not be allowed, it should go back to a panel of judges from each country. I do have to rebuke Ireland for their 4 measly points they gave us! We gave you 10 points…where’s the tit for tat? Cheeky monkeys!

Anyway! Enough of my ramblings. What else have I been up to today? Well as I told you yesterday, we went on a picnic today. Well we set off, suncream hats and t-shirts in place, to Padley Gorge in Derbyshire. Want to see?

This is a beautiful spot in The Peak District National Park. Unfortunately it is known by the masses, and so it was snided today. Why were there so many there? Well……

Isn’t it gorgeous? We had a lovely day sitting there under a tree by the river……

The monsters were thoroughly worn out running around, paddling in the stream, building dams and collecting leaves to make boats and rafts. I meanwhile sat under my tree knitting, and knitting away. I am determined to finish this cardigan before I go away. There was a lovely breeze, and so the temperature today was not too high. Delicious!

It came back to bite me tonight however. Even after all my precautions, the factor 15 suncream, sitting under a tree in the shade….I am still sunburnt. BOOOOO! Not fair. It just shows you how careful we have to be….especially when there is a lull you into a false sense of security breeze. Be warned!

Anyway me dears, I have not got a finished product to show you today. I have continued with my knit, and hopefully it won’t be too long before I can show you the finished product. Forgive me for not wanting to show you the work in progress. I think it is a bit boring to show you an unstitched sleeve or a half finished front. I promise you will see as soon as it’s done.

So I will sign off for now.

See you tomorrow.


PS. Good luck to everyone who is running in the half marathon tomorrow. Hopefully it won’t be too hot for you. Take care and drink lots along the way.


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