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Days 105 and 106


Good evening.

I can’t believe that after my posting Frenzy yesterday I forgot to write about day 105! It is all really boring however as I stated looking at the ‘Blast it’ cardigan again!¬†I have really looked at where I went wrong with the right front, and I really think I may have got the pattern straight. The last thing I need is to complete it again to find that it is wrong…again. At least I have the two sleeves complete. I always find sleeves boring and tedious to knit.

So as well as ‘Blast it’; what else have I been up to?

Well, Boo has an Ancient Greek day coming up and they all have to go dressed up. We sat tonight looking at pictures on the internet trying to find him something that he will agree to wear. Boo is not one for dressing up. He point blank refused to dress in Victorian clothes for me…but then went off from school having been talked into a costume by his teachers. ūüôā

Well we eventually settled on a design. He was more up for this costume. I think he realised that everyone usually dresses up and he doesn’t want to be different.

Here is what we created……..

I know you won’t get the full impression of this but this is the complete outfit. One of the easiest outfits I ever had to make.

A simple white shift……..With a belt……….

And a cloak….that I was told had to be white!

It’s amazing what you can make from an old sheet and a piece of curtain material!

See you tomorrow.






Day 104- ‘Making History’


We were awoken at an early hour. The clock was screaming ‘Too Early’, but a little excited face appeared at the door. It seemed only a couple of minutes since we were hanging bunting, wrapping presents and writing cards. But dawn had crept up on us, and the excitement had roused one particular monster from her bed.

It is Moo’s birthday.

Rousing ourselves, we mustered¬†as much enthusiasm as we could, considering the lack of sleep, and descended to the present opening celebrations of birthday mornings. Two of the participants were being particularly grumpy as it was not their day, one of them was determined to find out in seconds how long it would be before¬†it would be him¬†in the birthday seat. We explained that it would be 16 other people’s birthday’s before his. He was not happy!

Moo, however, delighted in her birthday cards and presents, and did not hear the moans and groans from her brothers. She disappeared off to school early, and with a smile on her face. The boys dragged themselves out of the door, late and with a scowl!

Pottering about the house, the day passed quickly. All too soon everyone was home again and we were off out of the door for us all to celebrate.

Flags were ready.

Cameras were charged!

Where were we going? ……………..

The first police motorbike signalled that our wait would soon be over! The crowds had massed, and at least one of us in our party was using their Spanish elbow to stop late comers from stealing their view!

It was coming……….




Nearly here!

Wenlock takes it easy!

Then the Boogie buses arrived!

…and more!

Even the Police were smiling and giving high fives!

But where was the main attraction? The flag waving and whooping signalled its imminent arrival like a mexican wave!

More police….with the special cars!

Frantic flag waving at the ready?

Here we go!

Woo Hoo!

¬†A very proud day for Yorkshire!……..and Sheffield where we had chosen to see it!

This was what Moo had wanted to do on her birthday. She was very happy. We decided that we would walk into town to see the cauldron being lit. Would we get a good view?

 May be not!

Despite the crowds…or may be because of the crowds, we had a great time. A real party atmosphere. Apparently there have been over a million people turn out to see the flame in Yorkshire, and Sheffield was rammed. Very, very proud day for the county…and a fantastic party for Moo! An experience we will never see again.

See you later.








Day 103: Sunday 24th June 2012


Where are these days going to? And why is the internet not working….or working very slowly? It is actually very early on Tuesday morning…so I put the date up to remind me of what I am writing about! I have had some major problems this week with getting logged on. Is anyone else finding this? Anyway, to cut a long story short, I was going to write this post last night with all my other lot, but it took me nearly two hours to write yesterdays post. I was literally losing the will to live by the end of it! I eventually turned off and went to bed. This will only be a very quick post, as my next one will be very long with lots of photographs to see. I also don’t want to miss any days or makes out.

I decided that I needed to stock take what I had got left in terms of craft fairs. I have really enjoyed doing these fairs as it gives my making a focus and it raises money for charity. The problem with them, as a friend pointed out, you never know what will sell from one fair to the next! Things that I thought would go, didn’t, and then things that I made as table fillers sold like hotcakes. I could never make any money from betting which is probably why¬†I did so badly at Ascot!

To work. I have had quite a few requests fo these, and DH and Moo like to help out with them too. (Well I’m not sure DH likes it, but he does help if I’m pushed!)


Not just Dolly Pegs either. No! I have had request for grip pegs too.

I have to stress that the picture was taken before the second coat of white paint went on these pegs.

Anyway, I now have 10 sets of these pegs, coming to an Etsy¬†store near you. Woo Hoo! (Yes I’ve decided to do the whole Etsy thing too!)

Anyway. This is my first post of the day over, with two more to go. One of which is a biggy.

See you later.





I can’t believe it’s days 100, 101 and 102!


Good evening!

I know I said I was going to post first thing this morning……but the internet was down! Honest! We were all awake at stupid o’clock too, for reasons I will go into later.

I have decided that I won’t post about today tonight. We have had a fun packed day, and I need to write a special post about it. You will understand when you see tomorrow’s pictures.

Day 100!

This is the view that we have had of the rolling hills for the past few days. How miserable!

Today we went to Royal Ascot! Not literally, you understand, but it was ladies day and it was throwing it down. Today we decided to ‘make’ the most of a rainy day. How creative could we be? Well; Auntie M decided that we would bring Ascot to the rolling hills, out of the rain and with the best view in the house to view the races.

It was ingenious. We started with a buffet lunch, complete with cucumber sandwiches. We decided that as there were five of us we would do a sweep stake for each of the races….just a bit of fun! I can honestly say that the hours wizzed by. I didn’t win any just shows that gambling doesn’t pay¬†! The afternoon was rounded up with Champagne and strawberries. Yum!

Absolutely gorgeous!

Day 101

Can you remember me¬† telling you about the new addition to our family? The truth is that this ew addition is 8 weeks early. An absolute little miracle. This really got me working out how my regular patterns can be adapted for a very tiny baby. Well this is what I came up with…….Now these are a new pattern for me. Even so, I needed to make them a little smaller the pattern said. Quite a bit smaller in fact.Have a look…….Can you see the fifty pence? Hopefully this gives you the perspective of how little these shoes really are!

Day 102

Well a new baby needs to keep warm. So to go with the shoes is a teeny tiny hat. Two sizes smaller than the ones I normally make.

Fit for our little miracle.

See you tomorrow.






I know! I know! I should have been on tonight to update you on all my making. But I find myself at 10.30 pm, exhausted and craving my bed.

I have got so much to show and tell too! Very exciting! I promise that I will be on first thing tomorrow morning……and I will keep myself in at playtime as punishment for not posting before.

Days 100, 101, 102 and 103….can you believe triple figures!

PS. Why is my blog attracting these adverts?

Days 98 and 99


Good evening.

I can’t believe that two days have passed since I blogged.¬†The reason is that for the past two days we have had summer. Yes summer!¬†For those of you that blinked, it happened, now¬†the rain is back again. I am currently in the conservatory feeling miserable again as the rain pitter patters down on the roof. For two glorious days Mr Sunshine has made a few appearances lulling us into a false sense of security, the cheeky monkey. Never mind; Wimbledon starts soon… get your macs out again.

I decided that as I was feeling more up to it, that I would try to tackle parts of the garden. Most of the garden is my domain. The grass cutting and barbecuing is DH’s. He doesn’t cross onto my domain, and I don’t cross onto his. As I have been out of circulation, the garden looks dreadful!

Gardening is something that I have always been interested in…even when it was not cool I did it secretly. My Grandad¬†loved the outdoors. He grew tomatoes in his attic, (in pots ūüôā ), and I remember my Grandma sending him out to dig up the potatoes for tea. If anyone knows where I can get a Whisky Mac rose, please let me know. This was Grandad’s¬†favourite…it¬† has a fantastic smell. This is also the only rose I would ever contemplate putting in my garden. I also associate the smell of geraniums with my Grandad. Pots on window ledges in¬†empty margarine tubs. All the things¬†I remember when¬†I potter about in the garden.¬†ūüôā

After my day weeding on Monday I have to admit to being a little sore and frustrated. I know what needs doing, but I just haven’t had the energy or the physical capacity to do anything about it. For months I have just been drawing the blinds so I couldn’t see what was happening out there. Now I was at least ready to have a little potter, the work I was facing was immense. It has really made me think how lucky I am. At least I know that there will be an end, eventually, to my current situation.

I set out to look at the damage with a really critical eye. The rain had taken its toll, and everything looked washed out and unloved. Where was I going to start? It didn’t help that the neighbour’s garden looks perfect. I thought to myself that the easiest place to start would be with something I could do without injuring myself and setting myself back a few months. I took stock first of all. What did I need to do? Make a list! The list turned into a shopping list of everything that needed replacing….the winter had certainly taken its toll.

Purchases made, I set about renovating my favourite thing in the garden……my deck chair.

As you can see it has certainly seen better days…..but I couldn’t possibly be without it. Where would I sit and snore in the future?

So what to do? Plan made I moved on to look for other projects.

The garden seats really looked like they had seen better days. Must sort them out too!

Lunch time in the garden is always an event. But today it was definitely a tea day again. Ham and tomato sandwiches with mustard and tea in a tea-cup, a giant one, but a tea-cup. Complete with Cactus tea cosy, milk jug and sugar basin. How English! Well we are in an English summer.

Second cup of tea over, and it was on to work. I have to admit that it was quite nice sitting and painting while the washing machine whirred. I had decided that all the deck chair needed was a lick of paint and the canvas dying. Eventually………

Tadah! Actually this is not quite how I was expecting this to finish up. The actual dye I bought was Olive Green, much darker. I didn’t notice that the canvas was polyester however; not a chance of taking the colour, so it turned out much lighter. But even so I think it looks much better than it did. I also have some calico that I can use to make a new seat. Oh the possibilities.

What next? Oh yes the garden chair.

Tadah! Much better. Oh we are getting there. Slowly and surely, just like the tortoise. I have to admit that when I set out yesterday morning I was very deflated. My gorgeous garden that I have worked very hard to transform from a wasteland into a place to relax, grow food and enjoy the ever-changing weather. But I have managed to claw a little of it back from nature over the past two days. I am aching. It is amazing how many muscles you use sitting down and painting, but it was worth it.

I have pottered on other little bits too, and I have taken before pictures for you to see. Unfortunately I was unable to complete my potters before the weather broke. Hopefully I will be able to finish these little jobs tomorrow and show you the before and after pictures.

It is Ladies Day at Royal Ascot tomorrow, and I have been invited to Auntie M’s for afternoon tea. I will try to get my jobs done before lunch.

I need to say a big congratulations to¬†Cousin B¬†on the arrival of a new baby girl. Well done, and we are thinking of you all…and saying lots of prayers. I feel the knitting needles coming out tonight! ūüôā

See you tomorrow.



P.S.¬†¬† ¬†DH. The grass needs cutting. ūüôā

Day 97


Good evening,

I hope you have had a really good day. I must admit it has almost been summer here today. We even saw the sun for a couple of hours this afternoon… decadent! I have to admit to drinking lots of tea today. I think it must be because I wanted to use my new cactus tea cosy…or as reWOLLuzza called it a peyote, (which I think sounds much nicer than cactus!)

I also have to make a correction to one of my spellings yesterday. DH, who is always on the prowl to catch me out, corrected my plural of cactus. I called it cactuses….he corrected it to cacti! OK! Yes I am a teacher, but I have to confess that we don’t use this plural very often. I¬†should have¬†used the good old teacher¬† fall back; ‘I was waiting for someone to spot that!’……but I didn’t. I was caught and I will keep myself in at playtime tomorrow. ūüôā

So what have I been up to? Well I had another look at the ‘blast it’ cardigan. I am determined to complete it. Some people have been asking why I call it ‘blast it’. Well it comes from something mum used to say when she was typing. Tippex was called ‘Blast it’ because that is what ¬†Mum used to say when she had made a mistake….then reached for the correction fluid, or paper in those days. As I keep making mistakes with the cardigan ‘blast it’ is ringing in the air again…hence the ‘blast it’ cardigan!

Anyway I have finished up undoing all of the right front. The only problem is now I cannot¬†find the pattern anywhere. GRRRRR! So ‘Blast it’ was put away for another day.

As it has eventually stopped raining I decided that the garden needed some of my attention. I am very proud of my garden normally. Not this year. I cannot believe how overgrown it has become, but there again I have not been out there at all this year. I am delighted that the gorgeous lavender has thrived without any input from me.

It was wonderful to pull the weeds out from around these plants as the fragrance is amazing. It’s true…the more you agitate these plants the more you get out of them. It gave me a real lift, and I can’t wait for the crop to really start to flourish.¬†The rosemary is not doing too badly either.

Well after all the clipping, weeding and planting I am aching all over, particularly my left shoulder which I can’t actually move. My own fault I know, but the garden does look a lot better.

See you tomorrow.