Days 91,92 and 93


Good evening.

I have to start with an explanation. You have probably noticed that I have not blogged for the past couple of days. The fact is, I am trying to slow down a little in preparation for my return to work. It is really difficult to squeeze in a make and a blog on the same day. If you look at the times that I have been posting sometimes it is 12 or 1 am and I have to be realistic. I cannot possibly continue to do this and prepare for lessons too. I hope you don’t mind. My blogging may be a little erratic over the next few weeks until I have found my new rhythm.

I can promise you that the making has not stopped however. I am still going to be making….or continuing a project everyday.

For the past three days I have washed and washed and washed!  We have a mountain of washing in the shape of Mount Everest that we brought back from holiday. By the end of this week I know that I am going to need another holiday!

I was determined not to have to face this washing drama again this year. I was prepared. Look above and see what I took with me! The plan was to use the campsite facilities and warm weather, do a couple of washes and bring back some clean clothes. The weather however,  was definitely against me. We had a glorious few days at the beginning of the week when we had clean clothes….but we left in a monsoon. So Mount Everest was faced again. 😦

Ho hum! We also are sitting in the tropics now as we have to have the heating on to dry it all. Dang! British summer time is here again.

I have got to admit to losing my ‘making mojo’ over the past couple of days too. End of holiday blues? Or is it that I need to refocus again and get looking for inspiration? Who knows! Whatever it is I have to admit to being a little lazy over the past three days. This is coming to a close…I am determined. Now, I am not admitting to sitting doing nothing over the past three days however. Oh no! I do admit to not being as productive as I was before my holiday, but;

…….I have done a bit of this on Monday (day 91)………..

…….and a bit of that on Tuesday (day 92)………….

…….and finally started on this today (day 93)…………

So I have not taken my eye completely off the 365 day target!

The problem is I am feeling really lethargic and cannot put my mind to something completely to finish, so we can have a tadah moment. But I am determined that we will have one tomorrow. I just need to make about another 20 of these little flowers.

I also have this lined up ready for my next make………

I love working with this yarn, I never get tired of using it. Unfortunately my local JL store doesn’t stock it at the moment. Boooo!

Anyway, I need to make some more little flowers for my tadah tomorrow! I will post tomorrow…promise.

See you then.



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