Day 95- It’s nearly finished!


Good evening.

It has been another busy day here at the make. I woke with determination to finish a project that has been sitting around for the last two months. You have seen little bits of it over the weeks; and it was going to be done today.

I have to admit that it is nearly there. The basic form is finished, but the decoration, or faffy bit,  isn’t. I have to admit to be really pleased with it so far. It is another one of my dabbles in design, nothing too difficult as it is knitting and I am a relative novice at it; but my design all the same.

What is it? Well you are going to have to wait one more day. Can you wait that long?

I do have this to show you however. This was from a friend’s facebook page, but it really made me smile……..

….obviously I am neatly put together for DH coming in, and the house is always lovely and straight for unexpected visitors! (Can you read the sarcasm in my typing? 🙂 )

See you tomorrow.




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  1. I love this! It’s pretty good advice, apart from the lipstick and powder. (What is French chalk anyway?) It is easier to enjoy one’s personal projects when there are no other pressing chores to complete. I can’t help thinking my paternal grandmother would have abided by these rules if she had been into sewing.

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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