Day 96- A few more tweaks and it’s done!


Good Morning……and ‘HAPPY FATHER’S DAY’ to all the Dads out there.

Since I have been in the land of blogging I feel that it has opened up the world to me, in very simple ways. Different tradition and celebrations is the first thing that struck me. I was puzzled when certain blogs I followed started talking about Mother’s Day in May. This was two months after we had celebrated here in the UK. I can honestly say that I thought Mother’s Day was celebrated at the same time for everyone…the middle Sunday of Lent. How wrong I was.

I think it is wonderful to hear about local and National Celebrations…….I know I may have mentioned the Jubilee a couple of times! A celebration of what makes us individual and unique. Hurrah!

Looking today though, I think that the UK and US Father’s days match. Enjoy!

As it is Father’s day here, I was up this morning to organise the Monster’s. Boo had already organised breakfast on a tray, presents needed to be wrapped, (which Roo wanted to open,) and cards needed to be sorted. DH, who had been up in the night with a weepy Roo, was ceremoniously woken, jumped on and acted very surprised, despite all the noise of the three of them ‘creeping’ up the stairs. We are going out to lunch later, so I decided that any making was to be done this morning.

Do you remember this photograph from way back in April……

….and this one from earlier this week……

 I decided that enough was enough. This had to be finished this week.

As you know I had finished the foundation yesterday, and the make was just waiting for the decoration. I set to, and chose crochet as the medium for today’s craft. Two colours and a lot of faffing later….I had this to show…..

I know! I know! More faff…….but I love it all the same. The in laws can expect for it to make an appearance the next time they visit.

I have even used a daisy to close the tea cosy……..


This from a Yorkshire lass who drinks coffee not tea!

I think there needs to be a few more daisies on the top…and maybe a couple of leaves. What do you think? It did take me two hours to crochet nine of them, so I’ll have a break before I do any more though.

Anyway I am just pleased that it is nearly finished considering it has been hanging around for so long. Who knows? I may even finish the ‘Blast it’ cardigan at this rate.

Anyway, Roo is still running around in his pajama’s. He keeps asking when it will be ‘Brother’s Day’. Spurred on by the fact that ‘Daddy got presents’. I had better go and sort him out.

Have a good Father’s Day, and I’ll see you tomorrow.




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    • I am looking at it with completely different eyes…..I never associated a cactus with this make. That’s what comes from living in the rolling hills of Yorkshire; not a lot of cactuses grow here!

      • Call me stupid, but what was it supposed to be? I looked at it, saw a cactus and can’t now for the life of me bring myself to see anything else in it. 😉
        Another lesson in ‘How your expectations shape what you see’.

      • It wasn’t meant to be anything. I was experimenting, wanting to get the shape of a cosy right. I just happened to have green wool for the base. I had made another cosy, but I had put loads of roses on top of that one. This time I thought I’d try daisies. I think your observation of a cactus is spot on, it just didn’t occur to me. Now I look at it I agree with you, and I think it looks cute. 🙂

  1. What a lovely tea cozy! I love the color and the daisies on top. It looks perfectly charming, snuggled about your white teapot. Thanks so much for sharing your photos! 🙂

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