Day 104- ‘Making History’


We were awoken at an early hour. The clock was screaming ‘Too Early’, but a little excited face appeared at the door. It seemed only a couple of minutes since we were hanging bunting, wrapping presents and writing cards. But dawn had crept up on us, and the excitement had roused one particular monster from her bed.

It is Moo’s birthday.

Rousing ourselves, we mustered as much enthusiasm as we could, considering the lack of sleep, and descended to the present opening celebrations of birthday mornings. Two of the participants were being particularly grumpy as it was not their day, one of them was determined to find out in seconds how long it would be before it would be him in the birthday seat. We explained that it would be 16 other people’s birthday’s before his. He was not happy!

Moo, however, delighted in her birthday cards and presents, and did not hear the moans and groans from her brothers. She disappeared off to school early, and with a smile on her face. The boys dragged themselves out of the door, late and with a scowl!

Pottering about the house, the day passed quickly. All too soon everyone was home again and we were off out of the door for us all to celebrate.

Flags were ready.

Cameras were charged!

Where were we going? ……………..

The first police motorbike signalled that our wait would soon be over! The crowds had massed, and at least one of us in our party was using their Spanish elbow to stop late comers from stealing their view!

It was coming……….




Nearly here!

Wenlock takes it easy!

Then the Boogie buses arrived!

…and more!

Even the Police were smiling and giving high fives!

But where was the main attraction? The flag waving and whooping signalled its imminent arrival like a mexican wave!

More police….with the special cars!

Frantic flag waving at the ready?

Here we go!

Woo Hoo!

 A very proud day for Yorkshire!……..and Sheffield where we had chosen to see it!

This was what Moo had wanted to do on her birthday. She was very happy. We decided that we would walk into town to see the cauldron being lit. Would we get a good view?

 May be not!

Despite the crowds…or may be because of the crowds, we had a great time. A real party atmosphere. Apparently there have been over a million people turn out to see the flame in Yorkshire, and Sheffield was rammed. Very, very proud day for the county…and a fantastic party for Moo! An experience we will never see again.

See you later.









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