Days 105 and 106


Good evening.

I can’t believe that after my posting Frenzy yesterday I forgot to write about day 105! It is all really boring however as I stated looking at the ‘Blast it’ cardigan again! I have really looked at where I went wrong with the right front, and I really think I may have got the pattern straight. The last thing I need is to complete it again to find that it is wrong…again. At least I have the two sleeves complete. I always find sleeves boring and tedious to knit.

So as well as ‘Blast it’; what else have I been up to?

Well, Boo has an Ancient Greek day coming up and they all have to go dressed up. We sat tonight looking at pictures on the internet trying to find him something that he will agree to wear. Boo is not one for dressing up. He point blank refused to dress in Victorian clothes for me…but then went off from school having been talked into a costume by his teachers. 🙂

Well we eventually settled on a design. He was more up for this costume. I think he realised that everyone usually dresses up and he doesn’t want to be different.

Here is what we created……..

I know you won’t get the full impression of this but this is the complete outfit. One of the easiest outfits I ever had to make.

A simple white shift……..With a belt……….

And a cloak….that I was told had to be white!

It’s amazing what you can make from an old sheet and a piece of curtain material!

See you tomorrow.






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