Day 118- Back with it!


Good evening! Yes it’s me again, celebrating being back in the crafty mode again after a bit of a slump!

I have had a lovely day today…..even though it was another rainy one (more of that later!) Rain is such a pain as it really limits what can be done. I am really getting back on my feet now, and I am getting cabin fever. I was inspired today to bring the outdoors, indoors.

Before I show you today’s make however I just want to show some other inspiration with you. As you know Mollie Makes arrived again last week, and I have been so busy with family things that finding 5 minutes to sit down with a coffee and look through it has been impossible. I made time today and I have been inspired. Look…..

Sorry about the fuzziness, I took this photo of the magazine, but I think you get the idea. It is ‘The Union Jack’ quilt from Tacha Bruecher. This was the first type of patchwork that I was ever shown how to do, by my Auntie Kath, (not my real auntie!) I was off school and she was looking after me. My first efforts were badly sewn, but I have had a love of  hexagons ever since. Seeing this has made me think that my next on-going project will be a new bedspread…well it will make a nice change from knitting ‘Blast it’! Inspiration has started again.

I also have done something today that I have not done for years..painted a canvas. I have to explain that I began art A level many years ago, but I was intimidated by the others in my class. They were very gifted artists, and I compared myself to them, when in fact I was definitely a textile artist and should have focussed on that instead. It left me with a negative view of my own painted works, and I have literally not put paintbrush to canvas outside me teaching art classes in school.

So, feeling a bit wobbly confidence wise, I picked up my paintbrush and started to paint. Before I show you my masterpiece you have to promise not to laugh! I also need to explain that I was sitting in our lounge doing this. I took the inspirational photo after I had painted. (DH can vouch for me)  I am really nervous about uploading the picture as this is one area of creating where I am still lacking in confidence. I also don’t know if this is a GAH! or not. I just left this in the conservatory for DH to find as I was a bit embarrassed. He was impressed with it, more so when I told him that I had painted it. (Well he knew what it was!) If he had laughed it would be in the bin now.

Here it is……….

I know! I know! It’s not a Van Gogh, but it is all my own work.

The idea was to bring my gorgeous lavender from the outside to the inside. The only problem is that it doesn’t have the smell.

Here is the picture I took…..after DH came home. This is my own lavender from the garden……






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