Days 119,120,121,122- A third of the way there!


Good morning!

I cannot believe that I have made it through a third of my journey already. So much has happened. I have looked through all of the photo’s that I have collected so far and I have a real sense of pride over everything that I have achieved.I feel quite optimistic about the next two-thirds of the journey now.


The beginning of my journey.

I hadn’t got a clue where my journey was going, all I knew was that I had to do something to keep me occupied while I was off sick. I started simple and with things that I knew how to do……….

The first bread basket and coffee pot set. I have made at least 20 more of these sets since! I first made these a couple of years ago. They were popular then and they still are.


What a month this was! sewing, knitting, crochet, cooking, gardening…….phew! From berries to tea cosies.  A brief impersonation of a Towns Women’s Guild member, and………

……….who can forget the first craft fair.


Continuing the success was my determination at the start of the month. Two more fairs…with mixed success. This is turning into hard work and it is supposed to be fun! We also had snow. It was this time that the topsy turvy weather reared it’s head.

We also began getting Jubilee fever.


Holidays! Hurrah! Also breaks from daily blogging. Rain. Rain. And more rain! Floods. Cancelled events….and more rain!

But we did have a very happy event too………..

…..a little miracle born two months early.


Rain! Rain! …..and more rain! This month is shaping up to be a wash out too. Dabbles in forgotten past times……….

…and planning for the future.

So what’s next?

Well I am squirrelling away red white and blue materials already. I will be rumaging in Mum’s and Ter Lou’s stash too. The hexagon cards have been dug out and are being covered, and the needles are being threaded. Hopefully I will have things to show you very soon.

Just before I go. I discovered this and it really made me laugh……….

….it’s true you know! (She says tongue in cheek!)

See you tomorrow.


PS. I have had really huge problems with the internet this week and last. I do intend to blog everyday but it has not been possible.


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