Monthly Archives: March 2014

I’m Back!


Goodness. How time has flown. I cannot believe that something that was once such an important part of my life seems to have been left neglected and alone for such a long time……….
……..I am of course talking about my blog.

Having been contacted by WordPress to renew my page I felt very ashamed that I have not written anything for months. I was also really happy to see the swirly pages and the old posts still there waiting for me like a little puppy waiting by the door for it’s master to arrive home from work. It was like seeing an old friend. It made me really happy, and sad to think that I had neglected it for so long. Why am I talking about a bit of cyberspace as though it were a person? Probably because it is my bit of cyberspace that I created, and lots of hard work, fun and tears went into making and writing the old posts.

So here I am, renewed and back again, and ready to show what I have been up to. I cannot claim to have made something new everyday…unless you count a lesson plan or a marked book. Yes I am up to full throttle back at work, and pleased to say that if I make it to July, then that will be two full years without a day of sickness; except the odd cough or cold that we all carry on regardless with!

I have been doing the usual knitting and crochet when it is cold and sewing when it gets warmer. I don’t know about you but I tend to do different disciplines with the seasons. Currently, having been spurred on by Dear Daughter (DD), and the Great British Sewing Bee, I have faced making a new frock and a new work top. I have never really enjoyed stitching my own clothes preferring to make home furnishings and patchwork. I think it came from the fact that when I was younger I made so many of my clothes, and an impatience to get it finished. There was also so many times that I was disappointed with the finished article, so I just haven’t bothered. But recently I have got the stitching bug again, so the neglected sewing machine was dragged out and with it came two pieces that I am really quite proud of. (pictures to follow…..the camera is currently charging!) See! I am so impatient I couldn’t even wait until I have got photo’s to show!

Anyway, this means that I need to log on again tomorrow.
See you then. xxxxxx