Hello! Welcome to my little bit of cyberspace.

I am a married mother of three very demanding children who really keep me on my toes. We have a great life in the rolling hills of Yorkshire/ Derbyshire.

I spend my time stitching, reading, socialising and shopping mainly teaching! I work part time as a top junior primary school teacher. Between being a mum and work this takes up most of my time- except sleeping! But this is going to change.

Before I hit the big 4 0, I want to do something special for me, so I have decided to do something completely new. Pushing myself into things I wouldn’t normally do during a working week. Seizing the day and life, rather than running from it and getting by day by day.

I have set myself a challenge to create something new- or worked on the creation of something new everyday for a year. Returning to making, with no feelings of guilt about giving something I love to do a bit of my time. No excuses of being too tired or too much marking. I will also be keeping a record of everything that I am doing here- if you care to join me on my journey.

Off we go………….

Just so you know; these are what the abbreviations I use mean…….

DH                                                               Dear Husband

BS1/ 2                                                          Big sister 1 or 2

BB1/2                                                           Big brother 1 or 2

Rolling Hills                                                The place I live- Yorkshire, England

Moo, Boo, Roo                                           My children




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  1. Very impressed Mrs….what a challenge, good luck…i know you can do it! If you feel at a loss to make something new one day you can make my day by showing me again how to do those bloody granny sqaures – spent a whole evening on Monday trying to do one and failed – mi 3, 2, 3 sequence has gone to pot!!

  2. Thank you so much for my crochet lesson this afternoon, once I’ve grown in confidence Eth wants a blanket making! I’m hoping to achieve this before he reaches adulthood lol!!!

    • You’re right, it is really hard, especially to complete something in a day. As you can see I am experimenting with blogging less often…..I do miss blogging everyday though.

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