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Day 97


Good evening,

I hope you have had a really good day. I must admit it has almost been summer here today. We even saw the sun for a couple of hours this afternoon… decadent! I have to admit to drinking lots of tea today. I think it must be because I wanted to use my new cactus tea cosy…or as reWOLLuzza called it a peyote, (which I think sounds much nicer than cactus!)

I also have to make a correction to one of my spellings yesterday. DH, who is always on the prowl to catch me out, corrected my plural of cactus. I called it cactuses….he corrected it to cacti! OK! Yes I am a teacher, but I have to confess that we don’t use this plural very often. I should have used the good old teacher  fall back; ‘I was waiting for someone to spot that!’……but I didn’t. I was caught and I will keep myself in at playtime tomorrow. 🙂

So what have I been up to? Well I had another look at the ‘blast it’ cardigan. I am determined to complete it. Some people have been asking why I call it ‘blast it’. Well it comes from something mum used to say when she was typing. Tippex was called ‘Blast it’ because that is what  Mum used to say when she had made a mistake….then reached for the correction fluid, or paper in those days. As I keep making mistakes with the cardigan ‘blast it’ is ringing in the air again…hence the ‘blast it’ cardigan!

Anyway I have finished up undoing all of the right front. The only problem is now I cannot find the pattern anywhere. GRRRRR! So ‘Blast it’ was put away for another day.

As it has eventually stopped raining I decided that the garden needed some of my attention. I am very proud of my garden normally. Not this year. I cannot believe how overgrown it has become, but there again I have not been out there at all this year. I am delighted that the gorgeous lavender has thrived without any input from me.

It was wonderful to pull the weeds out from around these plants as the fragrance is amazing. It’s true…the more you agitate these plants the more you get out of them. It gave me a real lift, and I can’t wait for the crop to really start to flourish. The rosemary is not doing too badly either.

Well after all the clipping, weeding and planting I am aching all over, particularly my left shoulder which I can’t actually move. My own fault I know, but the garden does look a lot better.

See you tomorrow.