These pages are for all the things I really want to show off about. Hopefully this will soon be littered with fabulous pictures of my creations.

Home-made buttons and beads- 15th March 2012 (Edited 30th MArch 2012)

Tea cosy- I love this and want to keep it!

Baby Berry set- Strawberries. Mmmmm! I love making these.

Boo’s Blanket. Two years on the make to create this beauty. I love it.. and Boo was very patient waiting for it.

Another photo because I love it so much!

Finally; for now- The Russian dolls. Inspired by Mollie Makes magazine. Love em!





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  1. Glad the buttons and beads turned out ok,look good! I’m keeping up with your diary,well done,keep up the good work!

  2. Loving this, Mags. Your creations are lovely. I have signed up and look forward to following your progress. Must be something about turning 40 as I want to do a craft fair or something too! Not sure if I can find time / money at the moment..maybe when I’m 50. Will cheer myself with looking at your stuff and maybe even get inspired! Hope you are well. How long are you off work for?

  3. Still recovering from the op- will find out next week if I need to be signed off again. Still this is the first time that I have had time to do anything like this. Being off work before was to have children. I am determine to enjoy this time as I could become really fed up staring at the four walls – and making is great occupational therapy. See you soon. xxxxx

  4. I bought some of your bunting and it looks great and has been much admired. I’d attached a photo if I knew how.

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