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Days 116 and 117


Good evening.

What is this two posts in a day? I know I have been very slack in my posting lately. I can honestly say I have really missed it and I am determined to get back on track this week.

This weekend has been much more settled rain wise. Friday was terrible, it didn’t stop all day. I am really pleased that I live at the top of a hill! Why am I doing the totally British thing of talking about the weather? Well I started a project over two weeks ago…and then the weather changed. Yesterday and today have been the first time that I could get in the garden and try to complete some of my tasks.  Well I cannot say that I have finished what I started, but you judge for yourselves how work is progressing. These are some of the before photo’s………..

…..and these are some of the after……

What do you think?

I still have got lots of work to do. Gardening is definitely like painting the Forth Rail Bridge before the special paint……never ending! The garden has also been subject to the precipitous weather that is our summer so is lush and green, but the lawns need mowing and the weeds are coming up between the flag stones. Let’s hope that the rest of July and August is much better.

I could always invest in these……

See you tomorrow!