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Days 149- 186 : Patches! Patches! Patches!


Good morning, afternoon or evening. I hope you are all well.

I am so sorry for my absence. How long it has been since I have been in cyber space. The summer holidays are over, and guess what…….I am back at work!

I found the holidays so enjoyable and frustrating at the same time- if that is possible. Spending time with the little people in my life brings so many rewards, but at the same time is so exhausting. Days of planning entertainment and fun for the littlies, I found myself crawling into to bed at 10 every night; only to hear the abominable phrase “What are we doing today Mum?” every morning! Exhausting. Painting, baking, making, sight-seeing, playing, den building, visiting, pajama daying and creating all done, it’s back to school for all of us.

Now the Olympics and Paralympic games are over too, DH is back in our lives after a summer of goggling at the box. National pride is at a high-  On the down side it’s  back to the domination of football on our screens, and I, yet again, become a hockey widow. The evenings are drawing in and believe it or not I am contemplating finishing ‘Blast it’ as the temperature has dropped by about 10 oC this week.

I must admit to struggling to keep motivated on the makes. I am determined to finish my year of makes, and belive it or not I am over halfway through now. I think this latest slump is due to the slow progress of my latest project, and my return to work which is requiring a certain amount of evening time for planning, marking and preparation. I am endeavouring to chip away at it though. Slowly. Slowly.

So what have I been up to? Can you guess from the title of this post?

Yes the patchwork marathon continues.

Cutting hexagons……..



Endless. I am about a quarter of the way there- it is going to be huge!

Luckily Boo has taken a shine to i,t and it looks like it is destined for his bed.  I am really enjoying it, even though it doesn’t sound like it. As I have mentioned before, this is my favourite of all the crafting disciplines, hexagons in particular, it is just so time-consuming as this is all hand sewing. I have got to get it finished double-quick as I am making my sister-in-law a door hanging patchwork for her 40th. She wants it be done for Christmas, so I know what my next project will be.

So here I sit in the rolling hills, halfway through my year, back at work, and back on the blog. I have missed my daily catch up, so I am determined that there will be a return to the good old days. I need to refocus, and with Christmas just around the corner and a Church bazaar to prepare for, expect to see lots more of Ickle Ed over the coming weeks.

Who knows…you may even get to see a finished blast it very soon! 🙂

See you soon.



Rain! Rain! Go away! – Days 112, 113, 114 and 115


This should have been posted on Friday. I think it was atmospherics but it would not allow me onto the internet on Friday night.

Pitter. Patter. Pitter. Patter.

And so another day begins……another washout! In fact we were issued with a flood warning as a months worth of rain is falling over the next 24 hours. 😦  When is summer going to start? If you are travelling to the Olympics…remember to pack your umbrella! 21 days to go by the way….or three weeks today!

I have to start today with a little apology…again! Mr Grey has taken over my life!Have I done much making? I have to admit to doing some making……but not as much as usual. I also have to admit also to enjoying the pressure of completing something everyday being off for a little while. But now with book three finished it is refocus time. And just in the nick of time, guess what arrived!

Yes! Mollie Makes is here again! Hurrah!

I am definitely in need of inspiration after my last week of craft. What have actually been working on?

‘Blast it’!

Yes I have really tried to make headway with this dratted cardigan this week. Having had to unravel the two fronts and back…leaving me with two sleeves……I just want it finished now. Unfortunately I am getting bored with it and just want it done. It has been really monotonous. You know what it is like when you are making a garment for yourself, you have visions of what it will look like on and this spurs you on to finish it. Knitting it over again……….boring!

Well this is what I have so far……..

……..a back, two sleeves and a front. All matching. Only the right front to do…the problematic one! Hopefully this will be finished over the weekend….being as it is going to be a rainy weekend for all of us!

See you tomorrow


Days 79 and 80!


Good evening! I hope you are well. Apologies if you were disappointed by the lack of a post yesterday….I have been ever so busy, beavering away on the latest project!

What have I been up to?

Well; I needed to get this cardigan finished. The end was so insight that I needed to give it one last push to get it done. The needles were going clickety clack, smoke was almost visible I can tell you. Earlier on this evening I cast off the final few stitches…………

…….Tadah! A finished right front of my cardigan! I was a very happy bunny as I gathered the pieces together to measure them up together.

NO! What was this? Could it be?

……The new right front is too big! Gah! Gah! Gah!

Over an inch difference! Gah! What am I going to do?

Simple. I am going to have to unpick the right front and start all over again. 😦 This is a major Gah! It makes me wonder whether I have got the measurements right for the back and left front. This is why I find knitting so difficult, but I am not going to let it put me off. I may however have to leave this project for a couple of weeks though. I can’t face unpicking and restarting again in the next couple of days.

I’m going to bed…..very disappointed.

See you tomorrow.





Day 78- Giving Thanks.


As a busy person, to suddenly be bought to an abrupt stop is a bit of a shock to the system. I have worked for years, to a timetable, with sharp focus on what I need to do. The nature of my job means that two days are never the same. I give thanks everyday for the chance to work with young people, and the lessons that they, in their innocent wisdom, can teach me; and in turn, I hope, (I don’t want to presume),  that in my role, I inspire them.  I rarely have a day when I have wondered why I chose the career path I did. Light bulb moments in children is the greatest gift in my work….better than any million pound deal!

This recent medical interlude has been really difficult, I will not lie to you. I was made to stop. Physically I have found it difficult to do things that I have in the past taken for granted. The lack of an end date to my confinement has meant that I have had so much frustration. I am a teacher…we plan….a lot! What do you mean you don’t know how long this is going to take! Planning is part of my everyday….it is part of me.

But I have to look at a positively. I need balance.

What have I gained from this experience? What can I give thanks for? …………..

  • Being made to stop. This may seem like a silly thing as it has caused me so much frustration. Stopping…for once…..has to be turned on its head. I could think woe is me, but I have had to face the fact that I don’t ever stop. Is this a good thing? I have come to the conclusion that stopping every now and again and putting your head up and seeing what is going on in the rest of the world has to be a good thing. It certainly puts this into perspective.

Thank you!

  • Being bored! As a mother I can honestly say that I never have time to be bored. Life can become a bit of a treadmill. Grabbing quick meals, doing the same activities with my children. I spend my time telling my charges that boredom is a good thing, as it keeps the imagination going. I was frightened when my whole timetable was tipped on its head. But I needed to practise what I preached……get my imagination flowing. I have gone back 25 years; when I last had time on my hands, and I had time to be as wild with my imagination as I wanted.

Thank you!

  • Time! For the first time for 25 years I have had time. It scared me…I will admit it. What was I going to do? There is only so much daytime TV you can watch; I can’t garden as it requires too much heavy lifting, bending and stretching; it’s raining so a walk is out of the question. I had to think fast. Using the time and mixing it with the boredom it had a positive outcome.

Thank you!

  • Lost skills! So; what did I get up to? Well imagination wise I am definitely drawn to the creative side. Textiles is a passion that I had completely forgotten about. The rain was falling, What was I going to do? Imagination fired, the sewing machine came out. I was home! Feeling the material flowing through my fingers was bliss.

Thank you!

  • Finding new skills. Blogging! What was all this about? I had heard about it, but thought it was a buzz word that I simply didn’t have time for. But I needed a focus, something that would keep me occupied for the duration of my recovery. Something that would stop me from sitting in front of the TV everyday. It was DH that suggested I blogged, he thought it would be therapeutic. A Year on the Make was born, and I have to admit I love blogging. Taking me from the reality of the day, and allowing me to focus on the positives of my life at the moment.

Thank you!

Why am I reflecting at this time? Well, a return to work is imminent…..I hope. I have enjoyed these stolen days, because I have made myself enjoy them. The reality is that I have made myself focus on the positives…writing about negatives is a real turn off. This blog started life as a form of occupational therapy, but it has become something that I love to write at the end of each day. I want to amuse, I don’t want to offend  – Mum will keep me in line on that score! 🙂 ; and I hope you are enjoying reading about my journey.

See you tomorrow


PS. I have been doing this too today. See it is nearly finished!