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I can’t believe it’s days 100, 101 and 102!


Good evening!

I know I said I was going to post first thing this morning……but the internet was down! Honest! We were all awake at stupid o’clock too, for reasons I will go into later.

I have decided that I won’t post about today tonight. We have had a fun packed day, and I need to write a special post about it. You will understand when you see tomorrow’s pictures.

Day 100!

This is the view that we have had of the rolling hills for the past few days. How miserable!

Today we went to Royal Ascot! Not literally, you understand, but it was ladies day and it was throwing it down. Today we decided to ‘make’ the most of a rainy day. How creative could we be? Well; Auntie M decided that we would bring Ascot to the rolling hills, out of the rain and with the best view in the house to view the races.

It was ingenious. We started with a buffet lunch, complete with cucumber sandwiches. We decided that as there were five of us we would do a sweep stake for each of the races….just a bit of fun! I can honestly say that the hours wizzed by. I didn’t win any races..it just shows that gambling doesn’t pay ! The afternoon was rounded up with Champagne and strawberries. Yum!

Absolutely gorgeous!

Day 101

Can you remember me  telling you about the new addition to our family? The truth is that this ew addition is 8 weeks early. An absolute little miracle. This really got me working out how my regular patterns can be adapted for a very tiny baby. Well this is what I came up with…….Now these are a new pattern for me. Even so, I needed to make them a little smaller the pattern said. Quite a bit smaller in fact.Have a look…….Can you see the fifty pence? Hopefully this gives you the perspective of how little these shoes really are!

Day 102

Well a new baby needs to keep warm. So to go with the shoes is a teeny tiny hat. Two sizes smaller than the ones I normally make.

Fit for our little miracle.

See you tomorrow.





Day 96- A few more tweaks and it’s done!


Good Morning……and ‘HAPPY FATHER’S DAY’ to all the Dads out there.

Since I have been in the land of blogging I feel that it has opened up the world to me, in very simple ways. Different tradition and celebrations is the first thing that struck me. I was puzzled when certain blogs I followed started talking about Mother’s Day in May. This was two months after we had celebrated here in the UK. I can honestly say that I thought Mother’s Day was celebrated at the same time for everyone…the middle Sunday of Lent. How wrong I was.

I think it is wonderful to hear about local and National Celebrations…….I know I may have mentioned the Jubilee a couple of times! A celebration of what makes us individual and unique. Hurrah!

Looking today though, I think that the UK and US Father’s days match. Enjoy!

As it is Father’s day here, I was up this morning to organise the Monster’s. Boo had already organised breakfast on a tray, presents needed to be wrapped, (which Roo wanted to open,) and cards needed to be sorted. DH, who had been up in the night with a weepy Roo, was ceremoniously woken, jumped on and acted very surprised, despite all the noise of the three of them ‘creeping’ up the stairs. We are going out to lunch later, so I decided that any making was to be done this morning.

Do you remember this photograph from way back in April……

….and this one from earlier this week……

 I decided that enough was enough. This had to be finished this week.

As you know I had finished the foundation yesterday, and the make was just waiting for the decoration. I set to, and chose crochet as the medium for today’s craft. Two colours and a lot of faffing later….I had this to show…..

I know! I know! More faff…….but I love it all the same. The in laws can expect for it to make an appearance the next time they visit.

I have even used a daisy to close the tea cosy……..


This from a Yorkshire lass who drinks coffee not tea!

I think there needs to be a few more daisies on the top…and maybe a couple of leaves. What do you think? It did take me two hours to crochet nine of them, so I’ll have a break before I do any more though.

Anyway I am just pleased that it is nearly finished considering it has been hanging around for so long. Who knows? I may even finish the ‘Blast it’ cardigan at this rate.

Anyway, Roo is still running around in his pajama’s. He keeps asking when it will be ‘Brother’s Day’. Spurred on by the fact that ‘Daddy got presents’. I had better go and sort him out.

Have a good Father’s Day, and I’ll see you tomorrow.



Day 95- It’s nearly finished!


Good evening.

It has been another busy day here at the make. I woke with determination to finish a project that has been sitting around for the last two months. You have seen little bits of it over the weeks; and it was going to be done today.

I have to admit that it is nearly there. The basic form is finished, but the decoration, or faffy bit,  isn’t. I have to admit to be really pleased with it so far. It is another one of my dabbles in design, nothing too difficult as it is knitting and I am a relative novice at it; but my design all the same.

What is it? Well you are going to have to wait one more day. Can you wait that long?

I do have this to show you however. This was from a friend’s facebook page, but it really made me smile……..

….obviously I am neatly put together for DH coming in, and the house is always lovely and straight for unexpected visitors! (Can you read the sarcasm in my typing? 🙂 )

See you tomorrow.



Days 91,92 and 93


Good evening.

I have to start with an explanation. You have probably noticed that I have not blogged for the past couple of days. The fact is, I am trying to slow down a little in preparation for my return to work. It is really difficult to squeeze in a make and a blog on the same day. If you look at the times that I have been posting sometimes it is 12 or 1 am and I have to be realistic. I cannot possibly continue to do this and prepare for lessons too. I hope you don’t mind. My blogging may be a little erratic over the next few weeks until I have found my new rhythm.

I can promise you that the making has not stopped however. I am still going to be making….or continuing a project everyday.

For the past three days I have washed and washed and washed!  We have a mountain of washing in the shape of Mount Everest that we brought back from holiday. By the end of this week I know that I am going to need another holiday!

I was determined not to have to face this washing drama again this year. I was prepared. Look above and see what I took with me! The plan was to use the campsite facilities and warm weather, do a couple of washes and bring back some clean clothes. The weather however,  was definitely against me. We had a glorious few days at the beginning of the week when we had clean clothes….but we left in a monsoon. So Mount Everest was faced again. 😦

Ho hum! We also are sitting in the tropics now as we have to have the heating on to dry it all. Dang! British summer time is here again.

I have got to admit to losing my ‘making mojo’ over the past couple of days too. End of holiday blues? Or is it that I need to refocus again and get looking for inspiration? Who knows! Whatever it is I have to admit to being a little lazy over the past three days. This is coming to a close…I am determined. Now, I am not admitting to sitting doing nothing over the past three days however. Oh no! I do admit to not being as productive as I was before my holiday, but;

…….I have done a bit of this on Monday (day 91)………..

…….and a bit of that on Tuesday (day 92)………….

…….and finally started on this today (day 93)…………

So I have not taken my eye completely off the 365 day target!

The problem is I am feeling really lethargic and cannot put my mind to something completely to finish, so we can have a tadah moment. But I am determined that we will have one tomorrow. I just need to make about another 20 of these little flowers.

I also have this lined up ready for my next make………

I love working with this yarn, I never get tired of using it. Unfortunately my local JL store doesn’t stock it at the moment. Boooo!

Anyway, I need to make some more little flowers for my tadah tomorrow! I will post tomorrow…promise.

See you then.


Day 58- Post 2


Good evening.

Ok…you were not seeing things if you logged in to see nothing there. It seems that my hard work has disappeared into the atmosphere! So here we go again.

I have been a very busy bee today….and not necessarily making craft! I did manage to squeeze a gorgeous lunch in with Mrs H before the chaos began.

DH was still down in the smoke, and that meant I had to perform miracles today. Rounders and running for the Monsters, A Dr’s appointment and a car in the garage to name but a few of the hurdles of the day. How can I be in three places at once!

Luckily, cape flying behind him, Grandad came to the rescue and collected the two minor monsters for me, while I picked up the car and went to see the oldest monster representing her school in athletics by competing in the 800m.

Finally, exhausted physically and emotionally, I flopped into an armchair to watch some car crash TV . But a little voice pipes up…

‘Mum what are you making today?’

Bah! Why did I start this project!

Somewhat reluctantly I have to admit, I gather the crochet hooks and some colour and got cracking.

Now I have to admit to not making these all tonight. I actually made five of them. Seeing Boo’s blanket on my chair got me thinking of a project to use up all the leftover granny squares. A patchwork crochet cushion.

Please forgive me for not finishing this tonight. I think that as I am exhausted I have done quite well getting five squares done ….and beginning to sew them together. What do you think.?

Anyway guys…have I told you I am exhausted? So off to bed for me. See you tomorrow.


PS. Hopefully you will see it this time!