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Day 51- Again


Good evening. I hope you have a good day in the sunshine. Commiserations if it is still raining where your are…..we have had a lovely day in the rolling hills. 🙂

It was lovely to wake up this morning and not hear rain pounding the street below. Even better when the clouds cleared and the sun came out.

I was determined that the gloom that had descended when I went to bed last night would be banished along with the rain. I knew that in the fresh light of a brand new day I could fix whatever had gone wrong. So with Sheffield steel like determination I began.

Why do manufacturers make things so complicated? I’m sure it’s a conspiracy so that when simple things go wrong instead of repairing it, you have to buy a new one!

But I’m a Yorkshire lass! Buy a new one? No chance mate! That cover that you said should not be taken off unless you are a qualified electrician…well off it came! I had a lovely time with my little brush, screw driver set and machine oil…and the lint I pulled out of there! (Yes I did unplug the machine DH!) Everything was put back in place, and….she says touching wood at the same time…..it is running smoothly.

I then had a lovely meet up in my favourite store with a friend. Just to let Mr H know; your query about me not using my pegs for the peg bag shot has been noted, and I will address this as soon as possible. 🙂 Gorgeous company, cakes and coffee. What more could a girl ask for?

Oh Yes….today’s makes. Well had a bit of a back log from yesterday. All of this has been sewn and finished today, I did all the cutting out yesterday though so these are makes for two days.

Lots of dolly peg bags! I have really thought about these. I don’t think they are perfect yet, but here is a guided tour…….

Fully lined…..with the Ickle-Ed label.

Velcro halfway along the strap to secure the bag to the line………

Velcro to secure the strap to the bag……….

  And a loop at the back so that when it is not in use it can be hung from a hook.

But that is not all the craftiness that has happened today………..

More bags! Thank you for your comments about these handbag shoppers…all very positive.

These have also been branded! The squares in the background are ready for a future make. I am sorry that these pictures are a bit grainy today. I wanted to get these taken in the daylight….unfortunately the monsters had other ideas, so many apologies.

Anyway, as you can see it has ben a really full on day today, and I have got more to prepare for tomorrow. So I will sign off now and see you tomorrow.

Night All.