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Days 126-134: One patch at a time.


Good morning/ afternoon/ evening! How are we all? We are all fine here, in fact we are getting rather excited as Summer is upon us…..Hurrah! Yes the sun is shining and we are all in our summer gear that has lain for many a month at the bottom of the wardrobe.

I can’t believe that it is actually a week since I last posted. Naughty me. Last week went so fast. as the last week of term always does. Concerts, assemblies, collective worship, own clothes days and disco’s all seemed to fill my days. I sat in the evenings with my crafting project, (which you will see in a minute), and wondered where the time was going.

And so the holidays are here. Children are baying to be entertained. Honestly I do not know how they would cope without a TV! When I was younger the children’s programmes finished at 10 am and we had to amuse ourselves throughout the day. Boo asked me if I was born in Victorian times when I explained that there were no such things as videos let alone DVD’s, I player or Nintendo WII’s when I was his age! Cheeky monkey!

We have had a Fab day today in Konk! I have to explain that this is a pet name for York. Roo has trouble with some words and he knew there was a K in it somewhere. When asked where he was going some time ago, he replied with ‘Konk’! The name has stuck.

The sun shone all day for our stolen excursion. We had a gorgeous lunch. Visited Jorvik viking museum, leaving with bows, arrows, daggers and a sword. (Heaven help us!) Then it was a boat ride on the Ouse. Always a lovely treat when it is not raining. Finally the Castle Museum. This is a particular Favourite of mine, as I remember visiting for the first time with my Grandad. I also remember snagging my tights on a seat in the Edwardian pub! The smell of the sweet shop in the Victorian street brings back memories of me waving to Grandad through the window as he peered inside. Bows, arrows, daggers and a sword were firmly placed back in carrier bags for this visit. Then back home, on a delayed train, to be met by DH who had to work today. (Hence the stolen excursion!) Hot, tired and ready for a cup of coffee, we enthused about our day…..to a grumpy DH!

So I am just catching my breath and revving up for the make of the day.

You will no doubt remember the organising that I was doing last week in preparation of the next big project. Well this has certainly gathered pace.

I have begun with the blue as this is the largest colour. I wanted to make sure that I had divided the different patches equally between the eight blue sections. This meant that I had to share the patches out, bag them up ready. Talk about faff!

I set to, to make the first section of the blue. I’m not sure if I told you, but I love patchwork! Seeing all the colours working their magic together is fabulous. It soon became apparent that I needed to start on the white and red too. Having completed the first blue section, I want to make sure that it fits together like a jigsaw. I don’t want a repeat performance of ‘Blast it’! So I set to again with the scissors.

White, red and more blue patches ready to be made into hexagons. I have also cut more card templates ready for covering. It is definitely full steam ahead. And I am loving every minute of it. I hope I will be back very soon to show you an update.

See you later.


PS. DH has read the above and told me off for calling him grumpy. So I will put it another way…….perturbed at not being included in the trip to ‘Konk’, as he had to work, DH was quiet and a little disinterested at our enthusiam for our stolen day out. (Is that better DH?)


Days 123,124 and 125- Where are they all going to?


Good  morning /afternoon /evening! (Please delete appropriately! 🙂 )

Yet again I am amazed that my little corner of the world is reaching out so far. We have had our first South American visitors to the make this weekend with some viewers from Chile. You are most welcome. That means A Year on the Make has hit every continent now….well can we discount Antarctica? Yes I think we can. I’m not sure Emperer penguins would be bothered about knitting and sewing!

The other news is that the rain has stopped! Woo Hoo! I can honestly say that I am so pleased that I live at the top of a rolling hill and not at the bottom. A few showers today, but we have had a lovely weekend.

So what has been happening?

Well we woke on Friday morning to find this had been deposited outside our house….

What makes me laugh is the way it has been positioned on guard right next to the post box. I can’t say that I am impressed with its appearance as it is right in front of our house. We have to count our blessings that it is 15 metres away from our front door though…..our poor neighbours!

But why is it here?

Are we going to have an impromptu rolling hills Glastonbury? A street party? Nothing so exciting I’m afraid. We have workmen replacing drains!

Sports days and summer fairs this weekend. The monsters are revving up for their summer holidays. We have made it to the last week of term with all the excitement. DH is limbering up for the Olympics…..I’m just wondering how I’m going to keep the monsters occupied for six weeks; especially if this rains continues. Please Mr Sunshine, come out to play! I think lots of wearing out walks and picnics are in order.

I am also stocking up on craft equipment in case the rain doesn’t go away. Play dough is an essential item of the kit. Maybe dough figures are a future make? If anyone has any ideas for crafts with two boisterous boys, please do tell.

Well the recent make is taking shape. I love patchwork, especially hexagon sewing. The problem is that the preparation takes so long. Last week I spent a long time sourcing the fabrics. Still some way to go with red and white fabrics though. I thought that as the blue has the majority of sewing, I’d start with this.

Just to remind you of the latest project…inspiration from Mollie Makes. Love it!

Although my project is far from finished. I just hope that this one does not end up like ‘blast it’, losing momentum half way through.

I love how these colours look together. I am about to get going sewing the first blue hexagons together. Hopefully I will have something to show tomorrow. Talking of showing……..

 Can you see the gorgeous tea-cup? This little beauty was for sale at my last craft fair. I’m glad I didn’t sell it however because I think it looks gorgeous sitting here. I love that the candle shines through the china as it burns down, and it is reusable too! Hand-made by Ter Lou.

Anyway this is not getting hexagons sewn.

See you tomorrow.


Day 103: Sunday 24th June 2012


Where are these days going to? And why is the internet not working….or working very slowly? It is actually very early on Tuesday morning…so I put the date up to remind me of what I am writing about! I have had some major problems this week with getting logged on. Is anyone else finding this? Anyway, to cut a long story short, I was going to write this post last night with all my other lot, but it took me nearly two hours to write yesterdays post. I was literally losing the will to live by the end of it! I eventually turned off and went to bed. This will only be a very quick post, as my next one will be very long with lots of photographs to see. I also don’t want to miss any days or makes out.

I decided that I needed to stock take what I had got left in terms of craft fairs. I have really enjoyed doing these fairs as it gives my making a focus and it raises money for charity. The problem with them, as a friend pointed out, you never know what will sell from one fair to the next! Things that I thought would go, didn’t, and then things that I made as table fillers sold like hotcakes. I could never make any money from betting which is probably why I did so badly at Ascot!

To work. I have had quite a few requests fo these, and DH and Moo like to help out with them too. (Well I’m not sure DH likes it, but he does help if I’m pushed!)


Not just Dolly Pegs either. No! I have had request for grip pegs too.

I have to stress that the picture was taken before the second coat of white paint went on these pegs.

Anyway, I now have 10 sets of these pegs, coming to an Etsy store near you. Woo Hoo! (Yes I’ve decided to do the whole Etsy thing too!)

Anyway. This is my first post of the day over, with two more to go. One of which is a biggy.

See you later.





Day 72


Good evening!

I hope that you have all taken the necessary precautions today and that noone is suffering from any sun burn!

For the overseas visitors among you, I should explain that Britain is currently experiencing our week of summer at the moment. The temperatures have reached the dizzy heights of 27 oC. (Hurrah!) We are not panicking however…….Wimbledon starts soon; so the rain will be back! For now lunches are taken outside, BBQ’s are being lit and cold beers are being drunk. On the downside; there is far too much white flesh on display…..do people not look in the mirror before they go out? Have they not heard of St Tropez self tan?

Personally, I have had a lovely day. Lunch with Mrs H, morning coffee in the sunshine, three loads of washing done, dried and put away. The only downside is that I am still off work. Many of you will be asking; ‘Is this a downside?’ Well yes it is. I am bored. A busy person naturally, being at home for the first time in my life….with no baby to show for it, is really strange. Initially, bad days were greater than good days, physically I was a mess. Now I have more good days than bad….and I am bored.

But we are not going to dwell on that any more. The Dr agrees that I am definitely on the mend…which is positive. I have these stolen days in the sunshine…..which is positive. I have time to make things….which is very positive.

So what have I been up to? Well………….

…..I told you I was going to make the shoulder bag for myself! I found this fabric, and I love it. I made a bag like this for the craft fair last Saturday, but I couldn’t resist making another one….for me! Hurrah! All ready for the summer holidays.

Well, I am hot and sticky and I want a shower before I retire, so I will say goodnight.

See you tomorrow.



Day 67…or are we 68? I am too tired to care!


Picture the scene……

The stall is set up… it’s looking beautiful…..people are celebrating the colour in the corner. You have just settled down after a couple of good sales……

When you hear…..

‘Duff! Duff! Duff!’

(Pssst! It is a true Jurassic Park….water glass….Teranosaurus Rex type moment!)

People are turning towards the staircase wondering what creature will appear from around the bend. Is it Godzilla? Mr Staypuff?

People are wondering should they run away in fear? Some are frozen unable to move! I am standing…eyes closed….because I know what is going to happen next………


Eager faces charge to my stall proffering sandwiches and apples.

“What are you doing here? Is it a craft fair?”

Smiles turn in my direction (reprieve all round!)…..”Oh so it is her that is causing the commotion!” ( “I ‘aven’t done owt!”)

In my head a chorus of voices sing the praises of my stall and the positivity it makes them feel.


“I didn’t want to come…Dad made me!”

“I’ve had to put up with this all morning!”

“I want a cake!”

“Have you only got one chair! Tuh! Where am I going to sit?”

“Cor! We’ve got a telly this time!”

The Cavalry had arrived! And very pleased I was to see them too. I am always pleased to gain support from my nearest and dearest. But when it comes to any type of shopping I adopt the old Yorkshire saying….

” Oh! Thanks for coming! ( (Whispered)Thanks for going!)

It has taken 14 years for me to accept that the men in my family simply do not like shopping! Any shopping! The fact that they turned up…..noisily……to support me, shows that they are willing to put aside the hatred that they have for the ‘Beelzebub’ activity of retail therapy, and entered hell on earth, in their eyes, to walk alongside their wife or mother for a while. I greatly appreciated them coming…..and I didn’t care about the knowing smiles from some, (whose monsters are a  home,) scornful looks from others ,and ‘I’m glad it’s her’ sniggers from the rest. These are my boys! And as noisy as they are…especially in any type of retail space…and how ever much of my ‘we made this for you’ sandwich the pinch; they are there for me!

Moo on the other hand can’t get enough of this craft business! She came at lunch…and stayed till the end of the day. (That’s my girl!)

So what was the day like?

I loved it!

We were in a fantastic space….with fabulous original pictures of the walls. I had fantastic company with the other stall holders. What more could I ask?

It’s all getting a bit ‘samey’, these shots of the stalls I am doing! Just different locations….so I promise, if I do another craft fair, there will be no more shots of the stall….unless I decide to go for a different  arrangement. Promise!

I also did a make today…although I have not finished it yet, the big reveal will have to be tomorrow! I promise.

Why did I enjoy today so much? To be honest last weekend was a bit of a kick in the ribs. I have spent the week asking myself lots of questions

‘Are my makes too boring?’

‘Are they too expensive?’

‘Are they just simply rubbish…..but my family and friends can’t tell me!’

Anything to explain why I did so badly last weekend. I have to remember that everybody was in the same boat. The fact I sold loads today shows me that the effort I am putting in is worth it. I am so pleased!

I’m a very happy bunny tonight,

See you tomorrow. (With today’s make plus tomorrow’s!)


Day 67- Feeling tired now!


Good evening folks.

I hope you have had a really good Friday…….Yippee! It’s the weekend!

Not that I really need to celebrate…still off work. 😦 And I have to admit that I don’t actually work Fridays so it’s not so much TGI Friday, but TGI Thursday for me usually.)

Waking this morning it felt a little like the morning after the night before…only I had not had a drink. Waking up in the middle of a particularly loud snore, it suddenly dawned on me that I had something important to do today. What could it be? It hit me like a sledgehammer that I had…in a moment of crass stupidity, signed up for another craft fair; tomorrow! WHY??????

OK! Let’s not panic Mr Mainwaring! Where do we start?

Right! I started by sorting out everything that I already had. What was I going to take? I only have a small table this week, and my wash stand that I put the cushions on. As it is  vintage and craft fair, I thought that cushions and bags should be the way to go. What other things have a got? Dolly pegs? Maybe.

I then hit on the idea of using vintage fabric to make something modern. Cue……….

….I took the idea of the bag that I made yesterday to make these. Do you know what it is? Want a clue?

……yes Netbook/ IPad wallets! Woo Hoo! I love these fabrics. They are 100% cotton too. I have placed batting in these too to add a bit of protection. Like everything I have experimented with…I know where I need to make improvements. The biggest problem was that I don’t own an IPad, so I haven’t got a clue how big they are! If anyone can send me the length, width and depth of one it will be greatly appreciated. The next problem will be that people don’t like them and so I finish up with 10 IPad cases and no ipad! Ho hum! They will then become another kind of wallety thing.

Ideas on a postcard please.

Anyway; I still have loads to do before tomorrow. (I even have DH painting pegs at the minute….it’s very therapeutic apparently 🙂 )

See you tomorrow


PS. I am not a Euro Millionaire…..again! So we had better have a better day  at the fair tomorrow!

Day 66


Good evening everyone…..and  I hope the Norwegians amongst you are enjoying your National Day. 🙂

A special welcome to South Africa. 🙂 Wow I am really globe-trotting this week!

I have spent the day continuing to sort and fettle, unlike my Norwegian friends who are celebrating their National holiday. The fridge came in for a particularly good scrub…….the shelves came out and everything! I was also determined to begin to sort out my sewing shelves as they are becoming very untidy. Unfortunately I have more fabrics than the shelves can cater for! What am I to do? I know make some more things!

I have had little thoughts drifting through my head about designs for this and that. I decided that I was going to experiment today. I had been given some lovely fabrics and was determined not to waste them. Measuring twice, and cutting once, I made this……

……a bag! With a handle too. But what is it for I hear you ask?

…..What is it?

A place for everything and everything in its place. I now have somewhere to house the lead and foot pedal for my sewing machine. Hurrah!

Complete with the Ickle Ed label. Hurrah!

I am pleased that I have managed to do this quite quickly, as it looks like I have another craft fair on Saturday. This time it is in Sheffield city centre, so I may get a bit more traffic through. Make or break time though. I will see how this one goes, as I have forked out for the insurance, but I must admit that I am getting picky about these craft fairs, and I have only done two. I’ll let you know any other details when I find out more. I can see these appearing as Ipad and  netbook cases! I also thought I would make some mobile phone cases too. Hurrah!

Anyway, if I have a fair, I have lots of bags to make, so I will sign off for now.

See you tomorrow.