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Day 103: Sunday 24th June 2012


Where are these days going to? And why is the internet not working….or working very slowly? It is actually very early on Tuesday morning…so I put the date up to remind me of what I am writing about! I have had some major problems this week with getting logged on. Is anyone else finding this? Anyway, to cut a long story short, I was going to write this post last night with all my other lot, but it took me nearly two hours to write yesterdays post. I was literally losing the will to live by the end of it! I eventually turned off and went to bed. This will only be a very quick post, as my next one will be very long with lots of photographs to see. I also don’t want to miss any days or makes out.

I decided that I needed to stock take what I had got left in terms of craft fairs. I have really enjoyed doing these fairs as it gives my making a focus and it raises money for charity. The problem with them, as a friend pointed out, you never know what will sell from one fair to the next! Things that I thought would go, didn’t, and then things that I made as table fillers sold like hotcakes. I could never make any money from betting which is probably why I did so badly at Ascot!

To work. I have had quite a few requests fo these, and DH and Moo like to help out with them too. (Well I’m not sure DH likes it, but he does help if I’m pushed!)


Not just Dolly Pegs either. No! I have had request for grip pegs too.

I have to stress that the picture was taken before the second coat of white paint went on these pegs.

Anyway, I now have 10 sets of these pegs, coming to an Etsy store near you. Woo Hoo! (Yes I’ve decided to do the whole Etsy thing too!)

Anyway. This is my first post of the day over, with two more to go. One of which is a biggy.

See you later.