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A New Favourite?


Good evening. I hope you are all well.

I must admit to feeling rather summer like, despite the weather. I think it must be due to my latest obsessional make. You will remember my last make; let me remind you……….


I cannot believe the response to this little bag. I was rather proud of it as it is just the right size for a small handbag or sandwich bag, and by all the compliments it received I know that many other people liked it too.

Anyway, due to a mix up with the post office, (a long story with a disappointing outcome) my Niece was one birthday present short. Booooo! What to do?

I needed a container to hold the replacement packages that would extend birthday salutations……even if they were a little late.

I hit on a plan. Something that would be stronger than a birthday parcel bag and could be used again and again.

Have a look…………


Tadah! Have a peek inside……….


Florals and spots………


………create another handbag.

As you can see I have lowered the handles on this model, which I think I prefer. I have also begun to make a bigger beach bag model. I’ll keep you posted.


Anyway this little floral number has, I am pleased to say, eventually made it to its destination so I am able to post without letting the cat out of the bag.


See you soon. xxxxxxx


Ta Dah!


Good evening. I hope that you are all fine and that life is treating you well.

I am not going to go into details about my long absences again……it’s the same old same old- work, work work!  No I have got something to share with you all. 🙂




I was so happy with how this turned out that I have to broadcast it everywhere!



Fully lined, and with a drawstring to keep things nice and safe. I have made it big enough to fit a lunch box so my lunch is going to be beautifully presented at work tomorrow!


I was so happy to be behind the machine again I cannot tell you. I have really missed the daily make and upload, but I am not going to beat myself up about tha lack of posts anymore. I am going to enjoy what I do and tell you all about it as and when. It is has been a hard lesson, but I have learnt it and realise that I can not post and make at the same rate that I was this time last year.

Yes! I have completed my year! I am now onto A year on the mark part two, and loving the free and easy crafting that I have started. It’s the craft equivalent of yoga! Calm and fulfilling. I am loving it. I can honestly say that I completed my year too. I will admit that some of the craft was literally sewing patches for the monster patchwork flag, but I created something everyday which is what I set out to do. I had a ball along the way, and a few tears, but all in all I enjoyed it so much that when the webpage was up for renewal I did not hesitate.

So you have me for another year. What do I want this year to bring?

  • I am not going to put as much pressure on myself to complete and post everyday- or week, but I will set myself time to post. I am thinking about doing a weekly post on a Thursday night with photo’s of that weeks make…not sure will let you know.
  • I aim to complete the monster patchwork. I thought I would have done by now, but like “blast it” I lost interest and it finished up with a couple of patches a day. I will show you what I have done so far later this week.
  • I intend to have fun and try new things instead of doing the same things everytime- as much as I love the baby berry hats and shoes I want to have a go at rag rugs and upcycling!

So my friends the other rule remains the same- I need to do something every day without fail- even Christmas!

Wish me luck for year two. 🙂

Day 70- Wow! 70 already!


Good evening! I hope you are well. Better than us here in the rolling hills anyway. Roo had a bit of a tummy upset on Saturday, which he has proceeded to share with the rest of us. So far Moo and myself have fallen victim. Who will be next?

So what else have I done today? Well I have to admit to not doing anything constructive…apart from today’s make of course. I hate having a bad tummy, and so decided to use the day to wallow in self-pity. Poor Moo was at school and feeling decidedly rubbish, so that made me feel a little guilty. We basically have snuggled up on my bed and watched Chatsworth.

Anyway I have got to show what I have made today…..and yesterday too! To begin with here is yesterdays make……….

Now when I was knitting this I based it on the one I made last week. I used smaller needles for the rib…and things were looking good. It was only when I was stitching it up that the cupcake design drifted completely out of my mind and another image came in. I bet you can guess what that image was! Now I don’t want any rude comments from anyone do you hear! In the 70 days that I have been on the make this is only my second Gah!

Anyway! Moving on, I made this today…….

…..I really love these little bags. You will remember the one I made last week with the Laura Ashley fabric, well this is the same pattern. I may have to make the larger shoulder bag for my holiday.

Anyway, I need to retire. Tummy is aching and I need sleep. Moo is nicely tucked up in bed asleep. Hopefully we will both be feeling more like ourselves tomorrow.

Day 67…or are we 68? I am too tired to care!


Picture the scene……

The stall is set up… it’s looking beautiful…..people are celebrating the colour in the corner. You have just settled down after a couple of good sales……

When you hear…..

‘Duff! Duff! Duff!’

(Pssst! It is a true Jurassic Park….water glass….Teranosaurus Rex type moment!)

People are turning towards the staircase wondering what creature will appear from around the bend. Is it Godzilla? Mr Staypuff?

People are wondering should they run away in fear? Some are frozen unable to move! I am standing…eyes closed….because I know what is going to happen next………


Eager faces charge to my stall proffering sandwiches and apples.

“What are you doing here? Is it a craft fair?”

Smiles turn in my direction (reprieve all round!)…..”Oh so it is her that is causing the commotion!” ( “I ‘aven’t done owt!”)

In my head a chorus of voices sing the praises of my stall and the positivity it makes them feel.


“I didn’t want to come…Dad made me!”

“I’ve had to put up with this all morning!”

“I want a cake!”

“Have you only got one chair! Tuh! Where am I going to sit?”

“Cor! We’ve got a telly this time!”

The Cavalry had arrived! And very pleased I was to see them too. I am always pleased to gain support from my nearest and dearest. But when it comes to any type of shopping I adopt the old Yorkshire saying….

” Oh! Thanks for coming! ( (Whispered)Thanks for going!)

It has taken 14 years for me to accept that the men in my family simply do not like shopping! Any shopping! The fact that they turned up…..noisily……to support me, shows that they are willing to put aside the hatred that they have for the ‘Beelzebub’ activity of retail therapy, and entered hell on earth, in their eyes, to walk alongside their wife or mother for a while. I greatly appreciated them coming…..and I didn’t care about the knowing smiles from some, (whose monsters are a  home,) scornful looks from others ,and ‘I’m glad it’s her’ sniggers from the rest. These are my boys! And as noisy as they are…especially in any type of retail space…and how ever much of my ‘we made this for you’ sandwich the pinch; they are there for me!

Moo on the other hand can’t get enough of this craft business! She came at lunch…and stayed till the end of the day. (That’s my girl!)

So what was the day like?

I loved it!

We were in a fantastic space….with fabulous original pictures of the walls. I had fantastic company with the other stall holders. What more could I ask?

It’s all getting a bit ‘samey’, these shots of the stalls I am doing! Just different locations….so I promise, if I do another craft fair, there will be no more shots of the stall….unless I decide to go for a different  arrangement. Promise!

I also did a make today…although I have not finished it yet, the big reveal will have to be tomorrow! I promise.

Why did I enjoy today so much? To be honest last weekend was a bit of a kick in the ribs. I have spent the week asking myself lots of questions

‘Are my makes too boring?’

‘Are they too expensive?’

‘Are they just simply rubbish…..but my family and friends can’t tell me!’

Anything to explain why I did so badly last weekend. I have to remember that everybody was in the same boat. The fact I sold loads today shows me that the effort I am putting in is worth it. I am so pleased!

I’m a very happy bunny tonight,

See you tomorrow. (With today’s make plus tomorrow’s!)


Day 52- The Crookes Bus!


Good evening!

I am proud to tell you that I am sitting in what can be described as a sort of tidy house. 🙂 I have to admit that this making malarky does take up a fair bit of time, and we have so much stuff in our little house, that things can easily become a bit jumbled. (This is the point where my mum and Ter Lou fall into hysterical laughter at the thoughts of our house just having a few coasters in the wrong place!)

Well come on folks…there are five of us that live here, all with our own agendas and hobbies. At least four of us are allergic to dusters, and we have a five year old that refers to the phrase ‘tidying up’ as ‘naughty words’. (Taught him by his brother).

Looking around this morning I was ready for a fight! I had awoken again with stomach cramps, and so knowing that I would not be able to venture far from home, I set about diverting my frustrations into hammering the house into shape.

I am sick of seeing:

  •  pieces of paper with a line drawn on it that claims to be the next Van Gogh masterpiece
  •  Moshie Monster cards
  • lids from the top of yoghurt pots hidden behind chairs
  • receipts from Sainsburies that we must keep in case we need to return something (I ask you!)
  • pamphlets and bits of paper from a certain persons travels
  • socks stuffed under chairs
  • Trainers! Size 10!
  • Newspapers that we have to keep because there is an interesting article in it
  • Lip gloss
  • McDonald’s toys that turn up everywhere…we haven’t been for about a year!
  • Toy story, Marvin’s magic tricks, Skylander etc….toys that get everywhere but have strict instructions that they stay in the largest bedroom in the house.

Well all the paper was bagged up and chucked 🙂 Hurrah!

The shoes were hidden in certain places. They can try and find them! Hurrah!

Same with the lip gloss!

….and two monsters were told that their toys were to be put away…or the black sack will be coming out. I’ll let you know about this one!

I did find loads of old lottery tickets too. Apparently they had all been checked, but I checked again just in case. Good job. On one of the tickets we had four numbers and when I cashed it in this PM I discovered I had won £57! HURRAH!

So I had a sort of tidy house. Money in the bank and coffee in front of me. Harmony has been restored, and I could finally get on with some making.

So what did I get up to?

A summer patchwork bag! Made with lots of my favourite Laura Ashley prints. (I bet Mrs Higgins likes these prints too!)

I also got started on this project too……..

Now I wonder what this could be for? But not just one………

….a collection of interesting little patchwork.

Well, you will have to tune in tomorrow to find out what they are going to be made into. That is if my machine plays nicely. I spoke to soon yesterday about ‘fixing’ it. ‘It’ had other ideas today. Bah!

Anyway my lovelies, the tummy is still hurting and I need my bed. See you tomorrow.





Day 51- Again


Good evening. I hope you have a good day in the sunshine. Commiserations if it is still raining where your are…..we have had a lovely day in the rolling hills. 🙂

It was lovely to wake up this morning and not hear rain pounding the street below. Even better when the clouds cleared and the sun came out.

I was determined that the gloom that had descended when I went to bed last night would be banished along with the rain. I knew that in the fresh light of a brand new day I could fix whatever had gone wrong. So with Sheffield steel like determination I began.

Why do manufacturers make things so complicated? I’m sure it’s a conspiracy so that when simple things go wrong instead of repairing it, you have to buy a new one!

But I’m a Yorkshire lass! Buy a new one? No chance mate! That cover that you said should not be taken off unless you are a qualified electrician…well off it came! I had a lovely time with my little brush, screw driver set and machine oil…and the lint I pulled out of there! (Yes I did unplug the machine DH!) Everything was put back in place, and….she says touching wood at the same time…..it is running smoothly.

I then had a lovely meet up in my favourite store with a friend. Just to let Mr H know; your query about me not using my pegs for the peg bag shot has been noted, and I will address this as soon as possible. 🙂 Gorgeous company, cakes and coffee. What more could a girl ask for?

Oh Yes….today’s makes. Well had a bit of a back log from yesterday. All of this has been sewn and finished today, I did all the cutting out yesterday though so these are makes for two days.

Lots of dolly peg bags! I have really thought about these. I don’t think they are perfect yet, but here is a guided tour…….

Fully lined…..with the Ickle-Ed label.

Velcro halfway along the strap to secure the bag to the line………

Velcro to secure the strap to the bag……….

  And a loop at the back so that when it is not in use it can be hung from a hook.

But that is not all the craftiness that has happened today………..

More bags! Thank you for your comments about these handbag shoppers…all very positive.

These have also been branded! The squares in the background are ready for a future make. I am sorry that these pictures are a bit grainy today. I wanted to get these taken in the daylight….unfortunately the monsters had other ideas, so many apologies.

Anyway, as you can see it has ben a really full on day today, and I have got more to prepare for tomorrow. So I will sign off now and see you tomorrow.

Night All.