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Days 149- 186 : Patches! Patches! Patches!


Good morning, afternoon or evening. I hope you are all well.

I am so sorry for my absence. How long it has been since I have been in cyber space. The summer holidays are over, and guess what…….I am back at work!

I found the holidays so enjoyable and frustrating at the same time- if that is possible. Spending time with the little people in my life brings so many rewards, but at the same time is so exhausting. Days of planning entertainment and fun for the littlies, I found myself crawling into to bed at 10 every night; only to hear the abominable phrase “What are we doing today Mum?” every morning! Exhausting. Painting, baking, making, sight-seeing, playing, den building, visiting, pajama daying and creating all done, it’s back to school for all of us.

Now the Olympics and Paralympic games are over too, DH is back in our lives after a summer of goggling at the box. National pride is at a high-  On the down side it’s  back to the domination of football on our screens, and I, yet again, become a hockey widow. The evenings are drawing in and believe it or not I am contemplating finishing ‘Blast it’ as the temperature has dropped by about 10 oC this week.

I must admit to struggling to keep motivated on the makes. I am determined to finish my year of makes, and belive it or not I am over halfway through now. I think this latest slump is due to the slow progress of my latest project, and my return to work which is requiring a certain amount of evening time for planning, marking and preparation. I am endeavouring to chip away at it though. Slowly. Slowly.

So what have I been up to? Can you guess from the title of this post?

Yes the patchwork marathon continues.

Cutting hexagons……..



Endless. I am about a quarter of the way there- it is going to be huge!

Luckily Boo has taken a shine to i,t and it looks like it is destined for his bed.  I am really enjoying it, even though it doesn’t sound like it. As I have mentioned before, this is my favourite of all the crafting disciplines, hexagons in particular, it is just so time-consuming as this is all hand sewing. I have got to get it finished double-quick as I am making my sister-in-law a door hanging patchwork for her 40th. She wants it be done for Christmas, so I know what my next project will be.

So here I sit in the rolling hills, halfway through my year, back at work, and back on the blog. I have missed my daily catch up, so I am determined that there will be a return to the good old days. I need to refocus, and with Christmas just around the corner and a Church bazaar to prepare for, expect to see lots more of Ickle Ed over the coming weeks.

Who knows…you may even get to see a finished blast it very soon! 🙂

See you soon.



Days 126-134: One patch at a time.


Good morning/ afternoon/ evening! How are we all? We are all fine here, in fact we are getting rather excited as Summer is upon us…..Hurrah! Yes the sun is shining and we are all in our summer gear that has lain for many a month at the bottom of the wardrobe.

I can’t believe that it is actually a week since I last posted. Naughty me. Last week went so fast. as the last week of term always does. Concerts, assemblies, collective worship, own clothes days and disco’s all seemed to fill my days. I sat in the evenings with my crafting project, (which you will see in a minute), and wondered where the time was going.

And so the holidays are here. Children are baying to be entertained. Honestly I do not know how they would cope without a TV! When I was younger the children’s programmes finished at 10 am and we had to amuse ourselves throughout the day. Boo asked me if I was born in Victorian times when I explained that there were no such things as videos let alone DVD’s, I player or Nintendo WII’s when I was his age! Cheeky monkey!

We have had a Fab day today in Konk! I have to explain that this is a pet name for York. Roo has trouble with some words and he knew there was a K in it somewhere. When asked where he was going some time ago, he replied with ‘Konk’! The name has stuck.

The sun shone all day for our stolen excursion. We had a gorgeous lunch. Visited Jorvik viking museum, leaving with bows, arrows, daggers and a sword. (Heaven help us!) Then it was a boat ride on the Ouse. Always a lovely treat when it is not raining. Finally the Castle Museum. This is a particular Favourite of mine, as I remember visiting for the first time with my Grandad. I also remember snagging my tights on a seat in the Edwardian pub! The smell of the sweet shop in the Victorian street brings back memories of me waving to Grandad through the window as he peered inside. Bows, arrows, daggers and a sword were firmly placed back in carrier bags for this visit. Then back home, on a delayed train, to be met by DH who had to work today. (Hence the stolen excursion!) Hot, tired and ready for a cup of coffee, we enthused about our day…..to a grumpy DH!

So I am just catching my breath and revving up for the make of the day.

You will no doubt remember the organising that I was doing last week in preparation of the next big project. Well this has certainly gathered pace.

I have begun with the blue as this is the largest colour. I wanted to make sure that I had divided the different patches equally between the eight blue sections. This meant that I had to share the patches out, bag them up ready. Talk about faff!

I set to, to make the first section of the blue. I’m not sure if I told you, but I love patchwork! Seeing all the colours working their magic together is fabulous. It soon became apparent that I needed to start on the white and red too. Having completed the first blue section, I want to make sure that it fits together like a jigsaw. I don’t want a repeat performance of ‘Blast it’! So I set to again with the scissors.

White, red and more blue patches ready to be made into hexagons. I have also cut more card templates ready for covering. It is definitely full steam ahead. And I am loving every minute of it. I hope I will be back very soon to show you an update.

See you later.


PS. DH has read the above and told me off for calling him grumpy. So I will put it another way…….perturbed at not being included in the trip to ‘Konk’, as he had to work, DH was quiet and a little disinterested at our enthusiam for our stolen day out. (Is that better DH?)

Day 118- Back with it!


Good evening! Yes it’s me again, celebrating being back in the crafty mode again after a bit of a slump!

I have had a lovely day today…..even though it was another rainy one (more of that later!) Rain is such a pain as it really limits what can be done. I am really getting back on my feet now, and I am getting cabin fever. I was inspired today to bring the outdoors, indoors.

Before I show you today’s make however I just want to show some other inspiration with you. As you know Mollie Makes arrived again last week, and I have been so busy with family things that finding 5 minutes to sit down with a coffee and look through it has been impossible. I made time today and I have been inspired. Look…..

Sorry about the fuzziness, I took this photo of the magazine, but I think you get the idea. It is ‘The Union Jack’ quilt from Tacha Bruecher. This was the first type of patchwork that I was ever shown how to do, by my Auntie Kath, (not my real auntie!) I was off school and she was looking after me. My first efforts were badly sewn, but I have had a love of  hexagons ever since. Seeing this has made me think that my next on-going project will be a new bedspread…well it will make a nice change from knitting ‘Blast it’! Inspiration has started again.

I also have done something today that I have not done for years..painted a canvas. I have to explain that I began art A level many years ago, but I was intimidated by the others in my class. They were very gifted artists, and I compared myself to them, when in fact I was definitely a textile artist and should have focussed on that instead. It left me with a negative view of my own painted works, and I have literally not put paintbrush to canvas outside me teaching art classes in school.

So, feeling a bit wobbly confidence wise, I picked up my paintbrush and started to paint. Before I show you my masterpiece you have to promise not to laugh! I also need to explain that I was sitting in our lounge doing this. I took the inspirational photo after I had painted. (DH can vouch for me)  I am really nervous about uploading the picture as this is one area of creating where I am still lacking in confidence. I also don’t know if this is a GAH! or not. I just left this in the conservatory for DH to find as I was a bit embarrassed. He was impressed with it, more so when I told him that I had painted it. (Well he knew what it was!) If he had laughed it would be in the bin now.

Here it is……….

I know! I know! It’s not a Van Gogh, but it is all my own work.

The idea was to bring my gorgeous lavender from the outside to the inside. The only problem is that it doesn’t have the smell.

Here is the picture I took…..after DH came home. This is my own lavender from the garden……