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Day 138- Give away Launch


Good morning, afternoon, evening. How are we all? Are the flags out? Things are hotting up in the rolling hills. Literally 1 and 1/2 hours to go before the opening ceremony. DH returned home with olympic posters, flags….you name it. To say he is excited is an understatement!

Anyway folks; down to business. An Olympic themed give away.

I decided to launch the giveaway as the deadline, which I will tell you about in a moment, will collide with the half way point of my 365 days. So to celebrate with all of you that have tuned in to read my witterings, I put my mind to the task of thinking up something that would be easy to do, but then would also give a lucky winner a reward.

So what do you have to do?

Well for those of you that have tuned in for a period of time, you will know that I am a sports widow. Since the 6th of July 2005, this summer has been planned…in DH’s head anyway. The Olympics has been growing in momentum since then and it is nearly upon us.

I know that some of you will not be bothered about this particular world sports day…but spare a thought for those of us that have to be bothered whether we want to or not! The give away is for you too….promise.

I decided that as this is a creative and making blog, then what you have to do should be along these lines too. There are therefore three ways you can enter, all doing nothing more than commenting under this post.

You will have two weeks and three days to enter. The giveaway competition will begin today and last until the closing ceremony.

After the closing ceremony all names will be entered into a hat and a Rooster will pick the winning name.

But what do you win?

Tadah! Feather filled, 100% cotton patchwork Union Flag cushion measuring 30 x 25 cm approx.  I love it so much I have made a large one and small one to adorn my sofa.

So what do you have to do?

  • Tell about a creative way you are celebrating throughout the olympics.  EG. An opening/ closing ceremony party, an event BBQ (eg Men’s hockey final), rejoicing in a gold medal win of your favourite athlete etc.
  • Comment on where in the world you are watching the Olympics. Telling the event that you are watching, and the time that you are watching…I know some of you may be up in the night or very early morning to see.
  • Don’t like the Olympics? Tell us about the creative ways that you are avoiding it all. Have you booked a 2 week cruise down the Nile? Decided to climb Everest?

You can include a photo if you want or email it to me at ayearonthemake@gmail.com and I will post it for you.

After you have commented, sit back and relax.  The winner will be drawn on Sunday 12th August 2012.

Good Luck xxxxx


Days 123,124 and 125- Where are they all going to?


Good  morning /afternoon /evening! (Please delete appropriately! 🙂 )

Yet again I am amazed that my little corner of the world is reaching out so far. We have had our first South American visitors to the make this weekend with some viewers from Chile. You are most welcome. That means A Year on the Make has hit every continent now….well can we discount Antarctica? Yes I think we can. I’m not sure Emperer penguins would be bothered about knitting and sewing!

The other news is that the rain has stopped! Woo Hoo! I can honestly say that I am so pleased that I live at the top of a rolling hill and not at the bottom. A few showers today, but we have had a lovely weekend.

So what has been happening?

Well we woke on Friday morning to find this had been deposited outside our house….

What makes me laugh is the way it has been positioned on guard right next to the post box. I can’t say that I am impressed with its appearance as it is right in front of our house. We have to count our blessings that it is 15 metres away from our front door though…..our poor neighbours!

But why is it here?

Are we going to have an impromptu rolling hills Glastonbury? A street party? Nothing so exciting I’m afraid. We have workmen replacing drains!

Sports days and summer fairs this weekend. The monsters are revving up for their summer holidays. We have made it to the last week of term with all the excitement. DH is limbering up for the Olympics…..I’m just wondering how I’m going to keep the monsters occupied for six weeks; especially if this rains continues. Please Mr Sunshine, come out to play! I think lots of wearing out walks and picnics are in order.

I am also stocking up on craft equipment in case the rain doesn’t go away. Play dough is an essential item of the kit. Maybe dough figures are a future make? If anyone has any ideas for crafts with two boisterous boys, please do tell.

Well the recent make is taking shape. I love patchwork, especially hexagon sewing. The problem is that the preparation takes so long. Last week I spent a long time sourcing the fabrics. Still some way to go with red and white fabrics though. I thought that as the blue has the majority of sewing, I’d start with this.

Just to remind you of the latest project…inspiration from Mollie Makes. Love it!

Although my project is far from finished. I just hope that this one does not end up like ‘blast it’, losing momentum half way through.

I love how these colours look together. I am about to get going sewing the first blue hexagons together. Hopefully I will have something to show tomorrow. Talking of showing……..

 Can you see the gorgeous tea-cup? This little beauty was for sale at my last craft fair. I’m glad I didn’t sell it however because I think it looks gorgeous sitting here. I love that the candle shines through the china as it burns down, and it is reusable too! Hand-made by Ter Lou.

Anyway this is not getting hexagons sewn.

See you tomorrow.


Days 83-90


Sunday 3rd June 2012

Our journey began pleasantly. The first CD was in place…Stepen Fry’s hypnotizing voice was soon drawing us into ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’. We have found that a Harry Potter is a must on all family holidays. Everyone enjoys listening to the story, even Roo. The first 50 miles disappeared quickly, as leaving so early meant there was no traffic on the road.

As the CD drew to a close however, my enjoyment melted away with te realisation that I was the only one awake, the rest of the CD’s were at DH’s feet and he was snoring in te seat next to me.

‘I’ll put the radio on instead’, I thought. Curses…..folk hour! Nothing against it- just not my taste. Will it keep me awake? No!

Press onwards.

I gave up after 137 mile. DH took over….next HP in place. The world was at peace again. In fact it was me who was at peace. I woke myself up with a snore 20 miles down the road. (Well at least I wasn’t drooling!)

At Portsmouth, the Rooster awoke. According to him we were going to Paris apparently to stay in a hotel. I asked if it was the George V; he said it was. (Yippee!) DH feigned sleep.

……….and so began our holiday!

Every time I go on holiday I write a diary of our adventures. I suppose you could say that this was a fore-runner to blogging. As you have probably noticed I like to bring humour into my writing. The reality is very different…so you could say that these diaries, and in fact this blog is to a certain extent a work of fiction- or just trying to look at the funny side of life and human nature! The above extract is from day two of this years epic.

I’m sure that Auntie M will approve of the decoration on the front of this years cover, and I hope that she has finished her latest make so I can put it on the ‘Your makes’ page. Then you will see why she will approve.

I am including this epic in my makes for the last week too. It takes a lot of effort to keep up with this writing everyday…especially when you are on holiday. I do love writing it down, rather than typing. Pen in hand, my notebook came everywhere with me. I have always written….not to the extent of Cousin Nat who wrote everyday in her diary, but writing is something that I feel confident about, and I enjoy re-reading about our antics and saying ‘Oh yeah! I forgot we did that!’

We were staying in a very quiet caravan site in St John de Monts, in the Vendee. This is a great area to go to this time of year as the weather is better than Brittany. The site is perfect for families, and is nestled in a pine forest. As the bank holiday had been pushed back a week, we also missed the French and German bank holidays so the site was quieter than usual. We were missing the Jubilee celebrations however, and so we decided to take our celebration over to France.

I think the French were amused by this quaint patriotism. We were not away to escape the celebrations like some were. We raised a glass or two of the local cider to her Majesty, and had a special tea on Monday night. We spent the night of the concert however, sitting in a French bar watching their equivalent of Dragon’s Den with the sound off. I hope they produce a video!

Being unable to exert myself too much, meant that swimming was out of the question, as was cycling. So I amused myself in other ways.

I know this is cheating slightly, as I have made these and shown them to you so many times before…but I have never made a strawberry hat sitting on a beach in France before. This is for a friend who wants the next size up for her growing strawberry. And this is where I sat and stitched…….

Gorgeous isn’t it! This is a place that we discovered on our first visit to this area ten years ago. It is on Noirmoutier, and Island joined to the mainland by a causeway and bridge. It comes in handy having a husband who speaks French so well he is mistaken for a local. He gets in with the locals and finds out the best places in the area! This little place being one of them. Imagine our horror when we opened the Sunday Telegraph on the ferry yesterday and discovered that our place had been reviewed in the holiday section! It is all it says in the article…..of the tourist trail, mainly used by the locals and beautifully picturesque. I love it.

On return we stopped at the local fishmongers and bought freshly caught mackerel for tea. The book I always read in this part of the world….Coastliners, by Joanne Harris, is set on an imaginary island off Noirmoutier. She writes about eating fresh mackerel…and we tried to capture the dish ourselves.

 I know they are on a barbecue…but they do look like happy fish don’t they!

They were delicious and in true French style, (and mine) we made a celebration of it…..

Lots of Faff….Father, Mother and Sister in law will be pleased that I took my faff with me! Can you spot what else I took?

We had good days. We had bad. We had rainy ones. We had sunny. It wasn’t so much of a riot as we have had in past years, no running here and there, site-seeing; but the GP was right. It was just what I needed.


Time to sleep. Time to play with my children. Time to talk to DH. Time to read. Time to think. Time to laugh….something I have not done much of lately.

Regretably, this time soon came to an end. We packed up the car in a monsoon, and set off home.

Makes packed up too. The  strawberry, journal and ‘blast it’ cardigan. (Unfortunately I may have to give up on the cardigan as I just can’t make it work) We returned home to the rolling hills, dreaming of next year.

See you tomorrow.





Day 71- Pottering


Good evening.

What a gorgeous day we have had today. I am pleased that grumbly tummies have been behaving themselves today, and so we had to catch up on everything that we hadn’t done yesterday!

It’s funny to think that only six short weeks ago this was the scene from the conservatory window.

Today however we have had a heat haze over the rolling hills……

…see what I mean!

I felt really sorry for my colleagues who were sweating it out in the classroom or offices, while I was able to cool off in the garden. So what did I do today? Well I pottered!

It was soon very apparent that it was too hot to sew in the conservatory. So I…….

……painted pegs………

….sewed jubilee brooches…………..and…….

…..made gingerbread with Roo! (Recipe is available if you want it!)

A good day!

See you tomorrow.


Day 58- Post 1


Good Morning.

A very quick post to show the finished product from yesterday.

A Jubilee tree. :-). (Please ignore the paint line along our shelf……this is a mundane make that I have to do…paint the wall!)

I love these little trees. They use Suffolk Puff patchwork….now referrd to as yoyo’s for some reason! Or are they Suffolk puff when they have been padded? Answers on a postcard to………

See you later.



Day 57- Post 2


Good evening. I hope you are all well. 🙂

It seems that today we have gone global here at the make. We have visitors from Australia, Mexico and Canada to add to the regulars. Everybody is very welcome. 🙂

We had a very early start this morning. The Rooster was up at 6.30am….the middle of the night in my book. Still on my own, I managed to keep him sort of quiet until ten to seven. It was then he went and lifted the blinds to show me that it was in fact ‘getting up time!’ So it was downstairs for crispies and Thomas, one of us still pining for their pillow.

Then the early morning chaos began. I had set everything out last night….but my plans didn’t include the contrariness and sometimes bolshiness of children…..especially a Boo! We sometimes refer to Boo as the Kraken! He hates getting up in the morning and is always bad tempered when forced out of bed. I must admit to giving him an extra five minutes this morning because I could not face the battle before my morning coffee.

I was very happy when my magazine, Mollie Makes,  arrived. I have actually placed it to one side so I can read it at bedtime. I cannot believe how many people have emailed me about this post. I will reiterate again that it is well worth investing in, I love it.

I have been dashing here there and everywhere today, and feel like I have scarcely had time to draw breath. The make for today was not started until after tea this evening, and is still ongoing as you can see……….


These are being sewn and assembled for the Fair on Saturday and Sunday, at Baslow, Derbyshire …….. near Chatsworth. (Forgive the sales pitch….but if you are around 😉 )

I think you can guess what these are going to be….Jubilee trees! I will give you the big reveal tomorrow along with tomorrows makes. Tomorrow looks like it is shaping up to be busier than today however, so I am not sure when I will have time to make anything……but I will, I promise.

Anyway chaps, I want to get this finished before I climb the stairs, so I will love you and leave you.

See you tomorrow.



Day 54


Good afternoon.

I don’t know about your day, but mine has been a bit of a damp squiB. Have you ever woken up feeling as though you have never been asleep? That is how I felt this morning!

It was delicious to see the sun streaming into the conservatory…but a headache started and just would not go away.

Despite this I wanted to get started straight away as it being a Saturday, the children were at home so we needed to get out and wear ourselves out. I had started a project that you have seen an inkling of over the last week, and I wanted to get it finished quickly….how wring I was! In total this project has taken over 5 hours to complete. Want to see what all the fuss is about? …….

Most of you will be saying ‘very nice’ (I hope!) The fact is, these have taken at least half an hour for each flag, 1.5 metres of ribbon per flag, and a lot of concentration! Is it any wonder I have got a headache! So what are they for?

Well, it’s to be used later on this month.

TADAH!  …………  Jubilee Bunting!

My idea was to do loads of this for the sale next week. Forget it! And if I decide to take this set with me (which I absolutely love) the price tag will be 10 million pounds. 🙂

Anyway; head is throbbing, so I shall see you tomorrow.