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Day 52- The Crookes Bus!


Good evening!

I am proud to tell you that I am sitting in what can be described as a sort of tidy house. 🙂 I have to admit that this making malarky does take up a fair bit of time, and we have so much stuff in our little house, that things can easily become a bit jumbled. (This is the point where my mum and Ter Lou fall into hysterical laughter at the thoughts of our house just having a few coasters in the wrong place!)

Well come on folks…there are five of us that live here, all with our own agendas and hobbies. At least four of us are allergic to dusters, and we have a five year old that refers to the phrase ‘tidying up’ as ‘naughty words’. (Taught him by his brother).

Looking around this morning I was ready for a fight! I had awoken again with stomach cramps, and so knowing that I would not be able to venture far from home, I set about diverting my frustrations into hammering the house into shape.

I am sick of seeing:

  •  pieces of paper with a line drawn on it that claims to be the next Van Gogh masterpiece
  •  Moshie Monster cards
  • lids from the top of yoghurt pots hidden behind chairs
  • receipts from Sainsburies that we must keep in case we need to return something (I ask you!)
  • pamphlets and bits of paper from a certain persons travels
  • socks stuffed under chairs
  • Trainers! Size 10!
  • Newspapers that we have to keep because there is an interesting article in it
  • Lip gloss
  • McDonald’s toys that turn up everywhere…we haven’t been for about a year!
  • Toy story, Marvin’s magic tricks, Skylander etc….toys that get everywhere but have strict instructions that they stay in the largest bedroom in the house.

Well all the paper was bagged up and chucked 🙂 Hurrah!

The shoes were hidden in certain places. They can try and find them! Hurrah!

Same with the lip gloss!

….and two monsters were told that their toys were to be put away…or the black sack will be coming out. I’ll let you know about this one!

I did find loads of old lottery tickets too. Apparently they had all been checked, but I checked again just in case. Good job. On one of the tickets we had four numbers and when I cashed it in this PM I discovered I had won ÂŁ57! HURRAH!

So I had a sort of tidy house. Money in the bank and coffee in front of me. Harmony has been restored, and I could finally get on with some making.

So what did I get up to?

A summer patchwork bag! Made with lots of my favourite Laura Ashley prints. (I bet Mrs Higgins likes these prints too!)

I also got started on this project too……..

Now I wonder what this could be for? But not just one………

….a collection of interesting little patchwork.

Well, you will have to tune in tomorrow to find out what they are going to be made into. That is if my machine plays nicely. I spoke to soon yesterday about ‘fixing’ it. ‘It’ had other ideas today. Bah!

Anyway my lovelies, the tummy is still hurting and I need my bed. See you tomorrow.