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Trees! Trees! Trees!


Whoops! I wrote this a couple of days ago and forgot to post it. Well I say I forgot; the net was so slow that I waited so long for it to do it stuff that I ran out of time and I needed sleep. I promised myself I would post it the next day……but forgot! So he is the post!


Good evening. Just taking a break from the marking! I was sifting through my pictures of the years makes and I realised that there was one particular item that seems to crop up again and again.

Digital Camera

Trees for Christmas……


Trees for Easter…..


Trees for Summer and…..


Trees for Winter.

These trees have been very popular as you can see, and I seem to be constantly asked to make ‘just one more’! Not that I am complaining as they look really sweet nestled on a book shelf or in the middle of a dinner table.

Guess what I have been making today!

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Days 149- 186 : Patches! Patches! Patches!


Good morning, afternoon or evening. I hope you are all well.

I am so sorry for my absence. How long it has been since I have been in cyber space. The summer holidays are over, and guess what…….I am back at work!

I found the holidays so enjoyable and frustrating at the same time- if that is possible. Spending time with the little people in my life brings so many rewards, but at the same time is so exhausting. Days of planning entertainment and fun for the littlies, I found myself crawling into to bed at 10 every night; only to hear the abominable phrase “What are we doing today Mum?” every morning! Exhausting. Painting, baking, making, sight-seeing, playing, den building, visiting, pajama daying and creating all done, it’s back to school for all of us.

Now the Olympics and Paralympic games are over too, DH is back in our lives after a summer of goggling at the box. National pride is at a high-  On the down side it’s  back to the domination of football on our screens, and I, yet again, become a hockey widow. The evenings are drawing in and believe it or not I am contemplating finishing ‘Blast it’ as the temperature has dropped by about 10 oC this week.

I must admit to struggling to keep motivated on the makes. I am determined to finish my year of makes, and belive it or not I am over halfway through now. I think this latest slump is due to the slow progress of my latest project, and my return to work which is requiring a certain amount of evening time for planning, marking and preparation. I am endeavouring to chip away at it though. Slowly. Slowly.

So what have I been up to? Can you guess from the title of this post?

Yes the patchwork marathon continues.

Cutting hexagons……..



Endless. I am about a quarter of the way there- it is going to be huge!

Luckily Boo has taken a shine to i,t and it looks like it is destined for his bed.  I am really enjoying it, even though it doesn’t sound like it. As I have mentioned before, this is my favourite of all the crafting disciplines, hexagons in particular, it is just so time-consuming as this is all hand sewing. I have got to get it finished double-quick as I am making my sister-in-law a door hanging patchwork for her 40th. She wants it be done for Christmas, so I know what my next project will be.

So here I sit in the rolling hills, halfway through my year, back at work, and back on the blog. I have missed my daily catch up, so I am determined that there will be a return to the good old days. I need to refocus, and with Christmas just around the corner and a Church bazaar to prepare for, expect to see lots more of Ickle Ed over the coming weeks.

Who knows…you may even get to see a finished blast it very soon! 🙂

See you soon.


Days….. from my last post to today! (I will work it out later)


Good Morning, afternoon or evening. 🙂 Long time no see? Many apologies, but I intend to address my cyberspace absence in this post.

Have you ever noticed…those of you with children, and those of you without…..how the days just seem to roll into one during the summer? I started this project ready to dedicate myself to making or contributing to a make, everyday for a year. The pace of things seem to have slowed down over the past few weeks, although despite my absence from posting, the makes have continued even if it is only sewing a patch on the mega patchwork.

I am guilty of lots of things over the past few weeks these being……

  • spending time with my children and neglecting my makes
  • starting new child friendly project everyday with not a hint of guilt about ignoring my crafty ones
  • forgetting to write my blog, even though I have taken hundreds of photographs to show
  • Having lots of new inspiring experiences, but not sharing them with anyone on the blog

Am I to be court martialed for being absent without leave from the blog, because I am enjoying time with the little people in my life?

To answer that I have to think about the priorities in my life. What is most important? As this is my blog, therefore it makes me judge and jury. How do I feel about not blogging everyday?

Personally, selfishly, I have missed it; but as a mother, do I put my electronic child before my organic ones? Definitely not! The time that I have spent with the monsters is precious and only happens once. How can I justify spending time at the laptop and sewing machine when there are adventures to be had? I’m glad you agree!

So what have we been up to? Have a look at these………

Home grown potatoes ready for the pot…..

Beetroot coming on nicely!

Potatoes ready for roasting with rosemary.

We then had a little visitor. Mr ED!

Now I have not had a hamster since I was 13 years old and I had forgotton what a racket they make at night! He is really a cute little fellow..just noisy. We got to 1.30am when DH could stand it no longer and had to remove the wheel form the ‘hamster palace’, the sound of which was reverberating through the floor to our room from the sitting room. (We have put it back in again this morning though Mrs H!) Eddie didn’t seem to mind though, he just spent the rest of the night running through his tube and up and down his stairs. I’m sure we will get used to it though. It occured to me why are we spending so much on wind farms when we could have hamster farms with wheels attached to the national grid? It’s a win win situation….they get exercise and fun, we get light!

Unfortunately the monsters now want a hamster!

Back to the garden………..

More rhubarb and ginger jam to replace the diminished store!

And a visit to the latest Sheffield tourist spot…………

Then we had visitors to our road. Roo was loving seeing all the monster trucks come and go. He sat on the garden wall inspecting what was going on for nearly a week.

We had to drive up and down the road a bit to check it out….just like Lightening McQueen.

After all of that Moo decided to have a go a baking……….

Gorgeous cakes…..shame about the state of the kitchen when she had finished!

An eventful two weeks so far I think you’ll agree. I’ll be back tomorrow to show what craft I have been up to.

See you then.


Days 135, 136 and 137.


Good morning, afternoon or evening. Enjoying the sunshine? We have basked in the sun for the past few days, but today it is rather cloudy. I must admit that it is a little of a relief as it means the temperature has dipped a little, and I can get a few household chores done.

Well the summer holidays are in full swing. After the past few years where I have had children following me around wanting to be entertained, I decided this year that I need a time-table of events. We are taking this one week at a time….but making sure we get out for a run around to wear these boys out! Trips out are carefully planned so that cost will not become an issue, and picnics in the lovely weather. I have a bag full of ‘stuff’ for indoor days, but hopefully we won’t need it!

Crafting has become a little bit more of helping the boys express their creative side. Roo in particular, who likes making, but finds it frustrating when it doesn’t quite go his way. PVA glue, scissors, tissue paper, paint and fabric scraps really come in useful. Can’t wait to show you some of their creations.

Unfortunately the patchwork is rather slow going as it always is when it is done by hand. I am currently sewing the first patches of white, and the red are ready to go, so hopefully I will have loads to show you in a few days.

I haven’t been sitting idly watching my boys with their craft however…….

As you can see things have had to be tended in the garden, ready for harvest. The rain has really helped the garden this year and everything is lush and green.

The potatoes are doing marvellously too. I love digging up potatoes. It’s like a lucky dip to find the hidden jewels in the soil.

The salad and lavender certainly are making a fine display this year. And what is this peeping under the foliage?

…..The first of the raspberries. Mmmmmm! My absolute favourite fruit. I normally have to fight Dad for the first ones!

Further up the garden we find the most glorious display…..

I wish I had sound-o-vision, then you could hear the half-dozen bumble bees collecting nectar. Finally….better late then never we find the first strawberries of the season. (A month late!)

Can you see them hiding? Let’s pick a few…………

I can’t wait for tea time. Fresh fruit….yum! I have to admit to completely neglecting the garden this year. Rain, pain and craft have taken over. The little bits that I have done seem to have had a bit of impact however…..and if this is what happens when the garden is neglected, Fantastic!

Anyway, monsters are now baying for food, and my camera needs charging, so I will sign off for another day.

See you tomorrow……..START OF THE OLYMPICS! WOO HOO! (I have to admit DH, it is catching!)


PS. I will be entering the spririt of the Olympics with a give away. Details will follow tomorrow. 🙂

Day 118- Back with it!


Good evening! Yes it’s me again, celebrating being back in the crafty mode again after a bit of a slump!

I have had a lovely day today…..even though it was another rainy one (more of that later!) Rain is such a pain as it really limits what can be done. I am really getting back on my feet now, and I am getting cabin fever. I was inspired today to bring the outdoors, indoors.

Before I show you today’s make however I just want to show some other inspiration with you. As you know Mollie Makes arrived again last week, and I have been so busy with family things that finding 5 minutes to sit down with a coffee and look through it has been impossible. I made time today and I have been inspired. Look…..

Sorry about the fuzziness, I took this photo of the magazine, but I think you get the idea. It is ‘The Union Jack’ quilt from Tacha Bruecher. This was the first type of patchwork that I was ever shown how to do, by my Auntie Kath, (not my real auntie!) I was off school and she was looking after me. My first efforts were badly sewn, but I have had a love of  hexagons ever since. Seeing this has made me think that my next on-going project will be a new bedspread…well it will make a nice change from knitting ‘Blast it’! Inspiration has started again.

I also have done something today that I have not done for years..painted a canvas. I have to explain that I began art A level many years ago, but I was intimidated by the others in my class. They were very gifted artists, and I compared myself to them, when in fact I was definitely a textile artist and should have focussed on that instead. It left me with a negative view of my own painted works, and I have literally not put paintbrush to canvas outside me teaching art classes in school.

So, feeling a bit wobbly confidence wise, I picked up my paintbrush and started to paint. Before I show you my masterpiece you have to promise not to laugh! I also need to explain that I was sitting in our lounge doing this. I took the inspirational photo after I had painted. (DH can vouch for me)  I am really nervous about uploading the picture as this is one area of creating where I am still lacking in confidence. I also don’t know if this is a GAH! or not. I just left this in the conservatory for DH to find as I was a bit embarrassed. He was impressed with it, more so when I told him that I had painted it. (Well he knew what it was!) If he had laughed it would be in the bin now.

Here it is……….

I know! I know! It’s not a Van Gogh, but it is all my own work.

The idea was to bring my gorgeous lavender from the outside to the inside. The only problem is that it doesn’t have the smell.

Here is the picture I took…..after DH came home. This is my own lavender from the garden……





Day 97


Good evening,

I hope you have had a really good day. I must admit it has almost been summer here today. We even saw the sun for a couple of hours this afternoon…..how decadent! I have to admit to drinking lots of tea today. I think it must be because I wanted to use my new cactus tea cosy…or as reWOLLuzza called it a peyote, (which I think sounds much nicer than cactus!)

I also have to make a correction to one of my spellings yesterday. DH, who is always on the prowl to catch me out, corrected my plural of cactus. I called it cactuses….he corrected it to cacti! OK! Yes I am a teacher, but I have to confess that we don’t use this plural very often. I should have used the good old teacher  fall back; ‘I was waiting for someone to spot that!’……but I didn’t. I was caught and I will keep myself in at playtime tomorrow. 🙂

So what have I been up to? Well I had another look at the ‘blast it’ cardigan. I am determined to complete it. Some people have been asking why I call it ‘blast it’. Well it comes from something mum used to say when she was typing. Tippex was called ‘Blast it’ because that is what  Mum used to say when she had made a mistake….then reached for the correction fluid, or paper in those days. As I keep making mistakes with the cardigan ‘blast it’ is ringing in the air again…hence the ‘blast it’ cardigan!

Anyway I have finished up undoing all of the right front. The only problem is now I cannot find the pattern anywhere. GRRRRR! So ‘Blast it’ was put away for another day.

As it has eventually stopped raining I decided that the garden needed some of my attention. I am very proud of my garden normally. Not this year. I cannot believe how overgrown it has become, but there again I have not been out there at all this year. I am delighted that the gorgeous lavender has thrived without any input from me.

It was wonderful to pull the weeds out from around these plants as the fragrance is amazing. It’s true…the more you agitate these plants the more you get out of them. It gave me a real lift, and I can’t wait for the crop to really start to flourish. The rosemary is not doing too badly either.

Well after all the clipping, weeding and planting I am aching all over, particularly my left shoulder which I can’t actually move. My own fault I know, but the garden does look a lot better.

See you tomorrow.