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Days 135, 136 and 137.


Good morning, afternoon or evening. Enjoying the sunshine? We have basked in the sun for the past few days, but today it is rather cloudy. I must admit that it is a little of a relief as it means the temperature has dipped a little, and I can get a few household chores done.

Well the summer holidays are in full swing. After the past few years where I have had children following me around wanting to be entertained, I decided this year that I need a time-table of events. We are taking this one week at a time….but making sure we get out for a run around to wear these boys out! Trips out are carefully planned so that cost will not become an issue, and picnics in the lovely weather. I have a bag full of ‘stuff’ for indoor days, but hopefully we won’t need it!

Crafting has become a little bit more of helping the boys express their creative side. Roo in particular, who likes making, but finds it frustrating when it doesn’t quite go his way. PVA glue, scissors, tissue paper, paint and fabric scraps really come in useful. Can’t wait to show you some of their creations.

Unfortunately the patchwork is rather slow going as it always is when it is done by hand. I am currently sewing the first patches of white, and the red are ready to go, so hopefully I will have loads to show you in a few days.

I haven’t been sitting idly watching my boys with their craft however…….

As you can see things have had to be tended in the garden, ready for harvest. The rain has really helped the garden this year and everything is lush and green.

The potatoes are doing marvellously too. I love digging up potatoes. It’s like a lucky dip to find the hidden jewels in the soil.

The salad and lavender certainly are making a fine display this year. And what is this peeping under the foliage?

…..The first of the raspberries. Mmmmmm! My absolute favourite fruit. I normally have to fight Dad for the first ones!

Further up the garden we find the most glorious display…..

I wish I had sound-o-vision, then you could hear the half-dozen bumble bees collecting nectar. Finally….better late then never we find the first strawberries of the season. (A month late!)

Can you see them hiding? Let’s pick a few…………

I can’t wait for tea time. Fresh fruit….yum! I have to admit to completely neglecting the garden this year. Rain, pain and craft have taken over. The little bits that I have done seem to have had a bit of impact however…..and if this is what happens when the garden is neglected, Fantastic!

Anyway, monsters are now baying for food, and my camera needs charging, so I will sign off for another day.

See you tomorrow……..START OF THE OLYMPICS! WOO HOO! (I have to admit DH, it is catching!)


PS. I will be entering the spririt of the Olympics with a give away. Details will follow tomorrow. ūüôā


Days 123,124 and 125- Where are they all going to?


Good¬† morning /afternoon /evening! (Please¬†delete appropriately! ūüôā )

Yet again I am amazed that my little corner of the world is reaching out so far. We have had our first South American visitors to the make this weekend with some viewers from Chile. You are most welcome. That means A Year on the Make has hit every continent now….well can we discount Antarctica? Yes I think we can. I’m not sure Emperer penguins would be bothered about knitting and sewing!

The other news is that the rain has stopped! Woo Hoo! I can honestly say that I am so pleased that I live at the top of a rolling hill and not at the bottom. A few showers today, but we have had a lovely weekend.

So what has been happening?

Well we woke on Friday morning to find this had been deposited outside our house….

What makes me laugh is the way it has been positioned on guard right next to the post box. I can’t say that I am impressed with its appearance as it is right in front of our house. We have to count our blessings that it is 15 metres away from our front door though…..our poor neighbours!

But why is it here?

Are we going to have an impromptu rolling hills Glastonbury? A street party? Nothing so exciting I’m afraid. We have workmen replacing drains!

Sports days and summer fairs this weekend. The monsters are revving up for their summer holidays. We have made it to the last week of term with all the excitement. DH is limbering up for the Olympics…..I’m just wondering how I’m going to keep the monsters occupied for six weeks; especially if this rains continues. Please Mr Sunshine, come out to play! I think lots of wearing out walks and picnics are in order.

I am also stocking up on craft equipment in case the rain doesn’t go away. Play dough is an essential item of the kit. Maybe dough figures are a future make? If anyone has any ideas for crafts with two boisterous boys, please do tell.

Well the recent make is taking shape. I love patchwork, especially hexagon sewing. The problem is that the preparation takes so long. Last week I spent a long time sourcing the fabrics. Still some way to go with red and white fabrics though. I thought that as the blue has the majority of sewing, I’d¬†start with this.

Just to remind you of the latest project…inspiration from Mollie Makes. Love it!

Although my project is far from finished. I just hope that this one does not end up like ‘blast it’, losing momentum half way through.

I love how these colours look together. I am about to get going sewing the first blue hexagons together. Hopefully I will have something to show tomorrow. Talking of showing……..

¬†Can you see the gorgeous tea-cup? This little beauty was for sale at my last craft fair. I’m glad I didn’t sell it however because I think it looks gorgeous sitting here. I love that the candle shines through the china as it burns down, and it is reusable too! Hand-made by Ter Lou.

Anyway this is not getting hexagons sewn.

See you tomorrow.


Days 119,120,121,122- A third of the way there!


Good morning!

I cannot believe that I have made it through a third of my journey already. So much has happened. I have looked through all of the photo’s that I have collected so far and I have a real sense of pride over everything that I have achieved.I feel quite optimistic¬†about the next two-thirds of the journey¬†now.


The beginning of my journey.

I hadn’t got a clue where my journey was going, all I knew was that I had to do something to keep me occupied while I was off sick. I started simple and with things that I knew how to do……….

The first bread basket and coffee pot set. I have made at least 20 more of these sets since! I first made these a couple of years ago. They were popular then and they still are.


What a month this was! sewing, knitting, crochet, cooking, gardening…….phew! From berries to tea cosies. ¬†A brief impersonation of a Towns Women’s Guild member, and………

……….who can forget the first craft fair.


Continuing the success was my determination at the start of the month. Two more fairs…with mixed success. This is turning into hard work and it is supposed to be fun!¬†We also had snow. It was this time that the topsy turvy¬†weather reared it’s head.

We also began getting Jubilee fever.


Holidays! Hurrah! Also breaks from daily blogging. Rain. Rain. And more rain! Floods. Cancelled events….and more rain!

But we did have a very happy event too………..

…..a little miracle born two months early.


Rain! Rain! …..and more rain! This month is shaping up to be a wash out too. Dabbles in forgotten past times……….

…and planning for the future.

So what’s next?

Well I am squirrelling¬†away red white and blue materials already. I will be rumaging in Mum’s and Ter Lou’s stash too. The hexagon cards have been dug out and are being covered, and the needles are being threaded. Hopefully I will have things to show you very soon.

Just before I go. I discovered this and it really made me laugh……….

….it’s true you know! (She says tongue in cheek!)

See you tomorrow.


PS. I have had really huge problems with the internet this week and last. I do intend to blog everyday but it has not been possible.

Day 118- Back with it!


Good evening! Yes it’s me again, celebrating being back in the crafty mode again after a bit of a slump!

I have had a lovely day today…..even though it was another rainy one (more of that later!) Rain is such a pain as it really limits what can be done. I am really getting back on my feet now, and I am getting cabin fever. I was inspired today to bring the outdoors, indoors.

Before I show you today’s make however I just want to show some other inspiration with you. As you know Mollie Makes arrived again last week, and I have been so busy with family things that finding 5 minutes to sit down with a coffee and look through it has been impossible. I made time today and I have been inspired. Look…..

Sorry about the fuzziness, I took this photo of the magazine, but I think you get the idea. It is ‘The Union Jack’ quilt from Tacha¬†Bruecher. This was the first type of patchwork that I was ever shown how to do, by my Auntie Kath, (not my real auntie!) I was off school and she was looking after me. My first efforts were badly sewn, but I have had a love of ¬†hexagons ever since. Seeing this has made me think that my next on-going project will be a new bedspread…well it will¬†make a nice change from¬†knitting ‘Blast it’! Inspiration has started again.

I also have done something today that I have not done for years..painted a canvas. I have to explain that I began art A level many years ago, but I was intimidated by the others in my class. They were very gifted artists, and I compared myself to them, when in fact I was definitely a textile artist and should have focussed on that instead. It left me with a negative view of my own painted works, and I have literally not put paintbrush to canvas outside me teaching art classes in school.

So, feeling a bit wobbly confidence wise, I picked up my paintbrush and started to paint. Before I show you my masterpiece you have to promise not to laugh! I also need to explain that I was sitting in our lounge doing this. I took the inspirational photo after I had painted. (DH can vouch for me)¬† I am really nervous about uploading the picture as this is one area of creating where I am still lacking in confidence. I also don’t know if this is a GAH! or not. I just left this in the conservatory for DH to find as I was a bit embarrassed. He was impressed with it, more so when I told him that I had painted it.¬†(Well he knew what it was!) If he had laughed it would be in the bin now.

Here it is……….

I know! I know! It’s not a Van Gogh, but it is all my own work.

The idea was to bring my gorgeous lavender from the outside to the inside. The only problem is that it doesn’t have the smell.

Here is the picture I took…..after DH came home. This is my own lavender from the garden……





Days 116 and 117


Good evening.

What is this two posts in a day? I know I have been very slack in my posting lately. I can honestly say I have really missed it and I am determined to get back on track this week.

This weekend has been much more settled rain wise. Friday was terrible, it didn’t stop all day. I am really pleased that I live at the top of a hill! Why am I doing the totally British thing of talking about the weather? Well I started a project over two weeks ago…and then the weather changed.¬†Yesterday and today have been the first time that I could get in the garden and try to complete some of¬†my tasks. ¬†Well I cannot say that I have finished what I started, but you judge for yourselves how work is progressing. These are some of the before photo’s………..

…..and these are some of the after……

What do you think?

I still have got lots of work to do. Gardening is definitely like painting the Forth Rail Bridge before the special paint……never ending! The garden has also been subject to the precipitous weather that is our summer so is lush and green, but the lawns need mowing and the weeds are coming up between the flag stones. Let’s hope that the rest of July and August is much better.

I could always invest in these……

See you tomorrow!


Rain! Rain! Go away! – Days 112, 113, 114 and 115


This should have been posted on Friday. I think it was atmospherics but it would not allow me onto the internet on Friday night.

Pitter. Patter. Pitter. Patter.

And so another day begins……another washout! In fact we were issued with a flood warning as a months worth of rain is falling¬†over the next 24 hours. ūüė¶ ¬†When is summer going to start?¬†If you are travelling to the Olympics…remember to pack your umbrella! 21 days to go by the way….or three weeks today!

I have to start today with a little apology…again! Mr Grey has taken over my life!Have I done much making? I have to admit to doing some making……but not as much as usual. I also have to admit also to enjoying the pressure of completing something everyday¬†being off for a little while. But now with book three finished it is refocus time. And just in the nick of time, guess what arrived!

Yes! Mollie Makes is here again! Hurrah!

I am definitely in need of inspiration after my last week of craft. What have actually been working on?

‘Blast it’!

Yes I have really tried to make headway with this dratted cardigan this week. Having had to unravel the two fronts and back…leaving me with two sleeves……I just want it finished now. Unfortunately I am getting bored with it and just want it done. It has been really monotonous. You know what it is like when you are making a garment for yourself, you have visions of what it will look like on and this spurs you on to finish it. Knitting it over again……….boring!

Well this is what I have so far……..

……..a back, two sleeves and a front. All matching. Only the right front to do…the problematic one! Hopefully this will be finished over the weekend….being as it is going to be a rainy weekend for all of us!

See you tomorrow


Days 107, 108, 109, 110 and 111


Good evening everyone!

I know, you could accuse me of ignoring you for the past few days, but I have not stopped crafting; Promise!

I have also been spending rather a large amount of time in the company of a man called Mr Grey. I am not sure whether you are familiar with the phenomenon that is Christian Grey. I had heard about it through friends and media. Apparently the book is selling faster than Harry Potter. As a huge Potter fan I was really  curious to read what all the hype was about, and what could possibly be a better series. So I toddled off to the local book store and bought a copy of the first book.

“Would you like to take advantage of the buy one get one half price offer?” The assistant asked me. I explained that I was only buying the first one as I was curious about what it was all about…..I also wanted to be able to know what friends were talking about. I refused the offer and scurried home with my purchase.

I can honestly say that it took me quite a while to get into the story. There had got to be more than this. Oh there was! I was definitely blushing in parts. So that was why it’s been flying off shelves. What is wrong with a¬†dot dot¬†dot? I found that as I read through the book I was missing certain pages out as the graphic scenes didn’t add to the story at all. The story itself is quite fast moving, I was exhausted by the end of the book, as it was like a¬†whole years relationship taking place¬†¬†in a three week period. It also finished leaving lots of questions about the main character. Do I agree with the hype? Well sort of….but I’ll just read the second book and let you know!

So as far as crafting is concerned I have pootled¬†and pottered and seemed really unfocused over the last two weeks. The rain is still with us; of course it is, it’s Wimbledon fortnight! It has been really humid too. The grass is growing really long, but it is too wet to mow, and we wake in the morning and simply don’t know what to wear. British summer time! Don’t ya just love it!

The above is what the conduit over flow usually looks like at Redmires¬†reservoir. We have had so much rain however that at the moment the over flow looks like this……

In fact the first day I saw this the water was steaming over the top. I just didn’t have my camera with me. The actual reservoir is certainly full to bursting too.

On Thursday ‘blast it’ sort of got my attention. I spent a long time doing household type things. I eventually sat dawn late in the evening and managed to do a few rows. I will get there!

In between the showers I have been popping in and out of the garden. I have still got to take my after photographs so you can see what I have been up to. Unfortunately DH has still not had chance to mow, and the grass is getting really long. Our little organic mowers, The Guinea pigs, have really got their work cut out this year…that’s when we can let them on the grass.

On Friday I decided that I needed to make lots of different meals to use up the contents of the fridge. You know what it is like, food is bought in for the week, and the days are planned. The only problem is making sure that the food is cooked by the use by date. I spent a rainy afternoon cooking coque au vin, lasagna and lamb casserole. The house smelt gorgeous!

Unfortunately with all the delicious smells we still couldn’t decide which one we were going to have for tea!

Saturday brought a little welcome relief from the rain! Hurrah! Boo was at a rally, and so the rest of us and Mr and Mrs H went out for a walk.

No this is not the Lake District…this is our¬†own beautiful rolling hills of Yorkshire.¬†Aren’t they gorgeous!


¬†Cricket…..not sure how much they managed to play as the day turned into a wash out later, but hey ho!

I just love the colours of the country side. The greens with dry stone frames. Fabulous. It’s days like today when I really appreciate where I live. I am so lucky. Good company and gorgeous scenery. What more could any girl ask for?

Sunday and today had a ‘blast it’ focus. I hope to be able to show you my efforts very soon. Who knows it might be worth waiting for.

I am going to be more on the ball this week as far as the blog is concerned too. I need a focus, and I have to admit to missing writing everyday. I really enjoy writing. So my promise is that I will try to blog everyday for the next week.

See you tomorrow.