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Day 66


Good evening everyone…..and¬† I hope the Norwegians amongst you are enjoying your National Day. ūüôā

A¬†special welcome to South Africa. ūüôā Wow I am really globe-trotting this week!

I have spent the day continuing to sort and fettle, unlike my Norwegian friends who are celebrating their National holiday. The fridge came in for a particularly good scrub…….the shelves came out and everything! I was also determined to begin to sort out my sewing shelves as they are becoming very untidy. Unfortunately I have more fabrics than the shelves can cater for! What am I to do? I know make some more things!

I have had little thoughts drifting through my head about designs for this and that. I decided that I was going to experiment today. I had been given some lovely fabrics and was determined not to waste them. Measuring twice, and cutting once, I made this……

……a bag! With a handle too. But what is it for I hear you ask?

…..What is it?

A place for everything and everything in its place. I now have somewhere to house the lead and foot pedal for my sewing machine. Hurrah!

Complete with the Ickle Ed label. Hurrah!

I am pleased that I have managed to do this quite quickly,¬†as it looks like I have another craft fair on Saturday. This time it is in Sheffield city centre, so I may get a bit more traffic through. Make or break time though. I will see how this one goes, as I have forked out for the insurance, but I must admit that I am getting picky about these craft fairs, and I have only done two. I’ll let you know any other details when I find out more. I can see these appearing as Ipad and ¬†netbook cases! I also thought I would make some mobile phone cases too. Hurrah!

Anyway, if I have a fair, I have lots of bags to make, so I will sign off for now.

See you tomorrow.



Day 59


Good evening folks. Is it really Thursday again?

I had to stop today and look about me. I have been so immersed¬†in getting ready for the fair this Saturday….(Baslow, Derbyshire, 10am – 4.30pm would love to see you!)¬†, and¬†sorting the monsters out, that I had not noticed how dusty everywhere had become! So it was on with the¬†marigolds and out with the mop and bucket, Pledge and dusters. Worked up quite a sweat as it was quite warm here today in the rolling hills.

There is something quite nice about sitting in a tidy house. It is very calming. It is a time when you wish that somebody would call round, obviously leaving the house with the impression that it is always neat and tidy! Unfortunately I was thwarted with that today, as visitors arrived while I was in the thick of it……Bah! Never the less I had an enjoyable half hour without cushions being crumpled, throws being pulled off the sofas, Picasso’s next¬†masterpiece left on the coffee table, shoes¬†and socks being left by the front door¬†and DVD’s ¬†littering the floor.

Then the monsters came home…and I have to start all over again tomorrow!¬†Curses!

I had put all of the sewing back into the conservatory, ready for me to sort out. I was dreading going in there as there was all manner of things that I had to finish before Saturday. When DH came home all my excuses for putting off sorting it all out literally ran out the open door. The time had come to face it!

Actually it was quite enjoyable…a bit like when facing a pile of marking; banging your head against a wall is preferable to starting it, but then once started, it is¬†fantastic to find out that what you wanted the children to learn has been accomplished! There has been lots to do. Want to see?

I started off by making these………

…..these were¬†what I couldn’t finish on Monday night. I still have 2 more small ones to make, but¬†I can’t face doing those tonight.

After I had made these I needed to do this……..

 Can you see it tucked in there. Yes labels had to be sewn into all the baskets.

….as you can see I have made quite a few!

 In fact: two extra large, three large, two small bread baskets and three coffee pot covers have been made by my own lily white hands! So you can see why I cannot face making two more small ones tonight!

Anyway, I need to press on. Somewhere under a huge pile of clean washing is my bed. I can just about hear it calling to me….it’s a bit muffled as it’s a big pile of washing! I need to sort all that before I can retire.

Good night all, and see you tomorrow!


Day 58- Post 1


Good Morning.

A very quick post to show the finished product from yesterday.

A Jubilee tree. :-). (Please ignore the paint line along our shelf……this is a mundane make that I have to do…paint the wall!)

I love these little trees. They use Suffolk Puff patchwork….now referrd to as yoyo’s for some reason! Or are they Suffolk puff when they have been padded? Answers on a postcard to………

See you later.



I still can’t believe it’s day 50!


Good evening!

I set out today with lots of tasks to do….and it has turned out to be one big FAIL!I knew after I was showing off this morning about how ahead I was that the day was doomed.

So what went wrong?

Well as you know we have had more than a drop of rain in the UK at the moment. We all awoke, well south of the Scottish¬†border did, to the pitter¬†patter again this morning. It made me more determined to go out and buy the raincoat that I am in desperate need of. So on into town I went…in the rain. There was a spring in my step as I sashayed down the high street and into my favourite shops.

Now I am not sure whether the buyers for the major retail shops have either ignored the fact…or just got off a plane from the southern hemisphere, but the last time I looked out the window I noticed that we live in a country with a history of consistent¬†rain. Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer, our weather doesn’t discriminate. Yes we have had droughts announced already, but this is an unusual event…and since droughts have been declared it has not stopped raining! And as the spring and summer clothing seasons are six months ahead, did they not take into account the British summer time?

So what did I find. Nothing! Zilch! Zero! Actually I tell a lie. There were countless trenchcoats…not good for my body shape. There was a mac that on the peg looked alright, but when I put it on I looked like Dawn French in the sketch where she is going around the world in a boat and the toggle on her anorak gets stuck. That was who was staring at me through the mirror! A hundred quid to look like a plank, I think not!

So I set of home, money still in my pocket, feeling very sorry for myself.

Never mind, I have got lots to do to take my mind of it I thought. I set about cutting and ironing, ready for a monster making session this evening.  I was well into things when the call came to pick up the car from the garage. So reluctantly I set off, leaving behind all the things I told myself I needed to do.

I returned to the conservatory with a  vengeance. But what was happening? No! Why is the machine acting like this? NOOOOOOOO!

I have a poorly machine! The tension is all wrong and no matter what I do I cannot sort it out. One of the first things that I was shown to do when I first started learning how to use a sewing machine was to strip it  down and give it a proper service. I have done all that, and it is still not having it. So it is off to machine A and E tomorrow.

Unfortunately this means I have nothing to show you this evening. ūüė¶ I could show you a pile of cut out shapes….but I want the big reveal.

So reluctantly I will say goodnight, and hopefully I can make it up to you tomorrow by showing you lots of lovely craftiness. I am now going to plod my way sadly to bed.


Day 45- Post 1


Good Afternoon

Just thought I would pop in to share with you some excitement.

Do you remember the competition that I entered and won. Well my prize arrived today. I vaguely knew what I had won, but it seemed so long ago that I had forgotten what it was all about. Well here it is……

I must admit to feeling a little fed up over recent weeks…call it cabin fever. I admit to starting the blog and the craft as occupational therapy. The craft fairs are something to focus on…..but who knows what the future holds? ūüôā I may be inspired!

Anyway, I’ll let you know what it turns out like…..I’m already on chapter 3!

See you later with today’s big or little make!


(Re-edited…again, as only half the post posted! Grrrr!)