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Give away reminder


Good morning, afternoon or evening.

Where has the time gone? 16 days ago I started the Olympic giveaway, and here we are on the final day.

Just to remind you it is not too late to enter all you have to do is to comment on any of the posts that I have made since the giveaway launch about what you viewed and where you were in the world during the olympics,  how you celebrated the Olympics, or how you avoided it all. It is your chance to win this…….


One of my Union flag cushions.

All names will be placed in a hat and the lucky winner will be drawn from a hat tomorrow evening. (We thought this would be better as it allows for the time difference around the world.)

Someone has got to win so have a go, and good luck.



Days 139- 145: Olympic Fever!


Good morning, afternoon or evening.

So how are you? Enjoying the Limpicks? I have to admit to something. I am actually watching it all…even without DH being there! Shock! Horror!

Our celebrations continued last Saturday with an Olympic BBQ. We didn’t see much of the nephews who visited….they were firmly ensconced in front of the TV watching the first days events.

This week began with a trip down to London. What for I hear you ask? Well what do you think! ‘Limpicks!’

Wednesday was our anniversary, and so we put the Olympics aside and took a trip up to town. London however is definitely in an Olympic frenzy however…even Nelson’s getting in the Olympic spirit

Leicester Square sported Olympic medals…….

But Shakespeare remained un-amused and undecorated. It took a pigeon to use it’s initiative to try to decorate him.

Carnaby Street and China Town also showed their patriotism…..

See what I mean!

We had a fantastic day….without having to drag tired monsters about the sights. A visit to the National Gallery to see lots of grand Masters, soaking up the atmosphere in this very international celebration, and a long ago promised fulfilled with a meal in China Town.

We also saw the man who has cycled here all the way from China…..

I have to admit to having very sore feet at the end of the day, but this was very welcome………

Then we went to the Olympics!

Don’t believe me?………….

We were there! DH was very excited!

Before the match started…hence all the empty seats.

Holland verses China. Holland won.

Watching the big screens……trying to get on telly!

And the Royal Barge. Moored just behind the BBC centre.

We had a fantastic time, and I can confirm that the Olympic park is brilliant! Just wish we could go again. Ho Hum!

Well time to revert to the giveaway that is up for grabs. It’s not too late to enter.

What do you have to do? (A reminder)

•Tell about a creative way you are celebrating throughout the olympics.  EG. An opening/ closing ceremony party, an event BBQ (eg Men’s hockey final), rejoicing in a gold medal win of your favourite athlete etc.

•Comment on where in the world you are watching the Olympics. Telling the event that you are watching, and the time that you are watching…I know some of you may be up in the night or very early morning to see.

•Don’t like the Olympics? Tell us about the creative ways that you are avoiding it all. Have you booked a 2 week cruise down the Nile? Decided to climb Everest?

You can include a photo if you want or email it to me at ayearonthemake@gmail.com and I will post it for you.

After you have commented, sit back and relax.  The winner will be drawn on Sunday 12th August 2012.

Just drop me a line.

See you tomorrow.


Days 135, 136 and 137.


Good morning, afternoon or evening. Enjoying the sunshine? We have basked in the sun for the past few days, but today it is rather cloudy. I must admit that it is a little of a relief as it means the temperature has dipped a little, and I can get a few household chores done.

Well the summer holidays are in full swing. After the past few years where I have had children following me around wanting to be entertained, I decided this year that I need a time-table of events. We are taking this one week at a time….but making sure we get out for a run around to wear these boys out! Trips out are carefully planned so that cost will not become an issue, and picnics in the lovely weather. I have a bag full of ‘stuff’ for indoor days, but hopefully we won’t need it!

Crafting has become a little bit more of helping the boys express their creative side. Roo in particular, who likes making, but finds it frustrating when it doesn’t quite go his way. PVA glue, scissors, tissue paper, paint and fabric scraps really come in useful. Can’t wait to show you some of their creations.

Unfortunately the patchwork is rather slow going as it always is when it is done by hand. I am currently sewing the first patches of white, and the red are ready to go, so hopefully I will have loads to show you in a few days.

I haven’t been sitting idly watching my boys with their craft however…….

As you can see things have had to be tended in the garden, ready for harvest. The rain has really helped the garden this year and everything is lush and green.

The potatoes are doing marvellously too. I love digging up potatoes. It’s like a lucky dip to find the hidden jewels in the soil.

The salad and lavender certainly are making a fine display this year. And what is this peeping under the foliage?

…..The first of the raspberries. Mmmmmm! My absolute favourite fruit. I normally have to fight Dad for the first ones!

Further up the garden we find the most glorious display…..

I wish I had sound-o-vision, then you could hear the half-dozen bumble bees collecting nectar. Finally….better late then never we find the first strawberries of the season. (A month late!)

Can you see them hiding? Let’s pick a few…………

I can’t wait for tea time. Fresh fruit….yum! I have to admit to completely neglecting the garden this year. Rain, pain and craft have taken over. The little bits that I have done seem to have had a bit of impact however…..and if this is what happens when the garden is neglected, Fantastic!

Anyway, monsters are now baying for food, and my camera needs charging, so I will sign off for another day.

See you tomorrow……..START OF THE OLYMPICS! WOO HOO! (I have to admit DH, it is catching!)


PS. I will be entering the spririt of the Olympics with a give away. Details will follow tomorrow. 🙂

Days 126-134: One patch at a time.


Good morning/ afternoon/ evening! How are we all? We are all fine here, in fact we are getting rather excited as Summer is upon us…..Hurrah! Yes the sun is shining and we are all in our summer gear that has lain for many a month at the bottom of the wardrobe.

I can’t believe that it is actually a week since I last posted. Naughty me. Last week went so fast. as the last week of term always does. Concerts, assemblies, collective worship, own clothes days and disco’s all seemed to fill my days. I sat in the evenings with my crafting project, (which you will see in a minute), and wondered where the time was going.

And so the holidays are here. Children are baying to be entertained. Honestly I do not know how they would cope without a TV! When I was younger the children’s programmes finished at 10 am and we had to amuse ourselves throughout the day. Boo asked me if I was born in Victorian times when I explained that there were no such things as videos let alone DVD’s, I player or Nintendo WII’s when I was his age! Cheeky monkey!

We have had a Fab day today in Konk! I have to explain that this is a pet name for York. Roo has trouble with some words and he knew there was a K in it somewhere. When asked where he was going some time ago, he replied with ‘Konk’! The name has stuck.

The sun shone all day for our stolen excursion. We had a gorgeous lunch. Visited Jorvik viking museum, leaving with bows, arrows, daggers and a sword. (Heaven help us!) Then it was a boat ride on the Ouse. Always a lovely treat when it is not raining. Finally the Castle Museum. This is a particular Favourite of mine, as I remember visiting for the first time with my Grandad. I also remember snagging my tights on a seat in the Edwardian pub! The smell of the sweet shop in the Victorian street brings back memories of me waving to Grandad through the window as he peered inside. Bows, arrows, daggers and a sword were firmly placed back in carrier bags for this visit. Then back home, on a delayed train, to be met by DH who had to work today. (Hence the stolen excursion!) Hot, tired and ready for a cup of coffee, we enthused about our day…..to a grumpy DH!

So I am just catching my breath and revving up for the make of the day.

You will no doubt remember the organising that I was doing last week in preparation of the next big project. Well this has certainly gathered pace.

I have begun with the blue as this is the largest colour. I wanted to make sure that I had divided the different patches equally between the eight blue sections. This meant that I had to share the patches out, bag them up ready. Talk about faff!

I set to, to make the first section of the blue. I’m not sure if I told you, but I love patchwork! Seeing all the colours working their magic together is fabulous. It soon became apparent that I needed to start on the white and red too. Having completed the first blue section, I want to make sure that it fits together like a jigsaw. I don’t want a repeat performance of ‘Blast it’! So I set to again with the scissors.

White, red and more blue patches ready to be made into hexagons. I have also cut more card templates ready for covering. It is definitely full steam ahead. And I am loving every minute of it. I hope I will be back very soon to show you an update.

See you later.


PS. DH has read the above and told me off for calling him grumpy. So I will put it another way…….perturbed at not being included in the trip to ‘Konk’, as he had to work, DH was quiet and a little disinterested at our enthusiam for our stolen day out. (Is that better DH?)

Days 123,124 and 125- Where are they all going to?


Good  morning /afternoon /evening! (Please delete appropriately! 🙂 )

Yet again I am amazed that my little corner of the world is reaching out so far. We have had our first South American visitors to the make this weekend with some viewers from Chile. You are most welcome. That means A Year on the Make has hit every continent now….well can we discount Antarctica? Yes I think we can. I’m not sure Emperer penguins would be bothered about knitting and sewing!

The other news is that the rain has stopped! Woo Hoo! I can honestly say that I am so pleased that I live at the top of a rolling hill and not at the bottom. A few showers today, but we have had a lovely weekend.

So what has been happening?

Well we woke on Friday morning to find this had been deposited outside our house….

What makes me laugh is the way it has been positioned on guard right next to the post box. I can’t say that I am impressed with its appearance as it is right in front of our house. We have to count our blessings that it is 15 metres away from our front door though…..our poor neighbours!

But why is it here?

Are we going to have an impromptu rolling hills Glastonbury? A street party? Nothing so exciting I’m afraid. We have workmen replacing drains!

Sports days and summer fairs this weekend. The monsters are revving up for their summer holidays. We have made it to the last week of term with all the excitement. DH is limbering up for the Olympics…..I’m just wondering how I’m going to keep the monsters occupied for six weeks; especially if this rains continues. Please Mr Sunshine, come out to play! I think lots of wearing out walks and picnics are in order.

I am also stocking up on craft equipment in case the rain doesn’t go away. Play dough is an essential item of the kit. Maybe dough figures are a future make? If anyone has any ideas for crafts with two boisterous boys, please do tell.

Well the recent make is taking shape. I love patchwork, especially hexagon sewing. The problem is that the preparation takes so long. Last week I spent a long time sourcing the fabrics. Still some way to go with red and white fabrics though. I thought that as the blue has the majority of sewing, I’d start with this.

Just to remind you of the latest project…inspiration from Mollie Makes. Love it!

Although my project is far from finished. I just hope that this one does not end up like ‘blast it’, losing momentum half way through.

I love how these colours look together. I am about to get going sewing the first blue hexagons together. Hopefully I will have something to show tomorrow. Talking of showing……..

 Can you see the gorgeous tea-cup? This little beauty was for sale at my last craft fair. I’m glad I didn’t sell it however because I think it looks gorgeous sitting here. I love that the candle shines through the china as it burns down, and it is reusable too! Hand-made by Ter Lou.

Anyway this is not getting hexagons sewn.

See you tomorrow.


Days 105 and 106


Good evening.

I can’t believe that after my posting Frenzy yesterday I forgot to write about day 105! It is all really boring however as I stated looking at the ‘Blast it’ cardigan again! I have really looked at where I went wrong with the right front, and I really think I may have got the pattern straight. The last thing I need is to complete it again to find that it is wrong…again. At least I have the two sleeves complete. I always find sleeves boring and tedious to knit.

So as well as ‘Blast it’; what else have I been up to?

Well, Boo has an Ancient Greek day coming up and they all have to go dressed up. We sat tonight looking at pictures on the internet trying to find him something that he will agree to wear. Boo is not one for dressing up. He point blank refused to dress in Victorian clothes for me…but then went off from school having been talked into a costume by his teachers. 🙂

Well we eventually settled on a design. He was more up for this costume. I think he realised that everyone usually dresses up and he doesn’t want to be different.

Here is what we created……..

I know you won’t get the full impression of this but this is the complete outfit. One of the easiest outfits I ever had to make.

A simple white shift……..With a belt……….

And a cloak….that I was told had to be white!

It’s amazing what you can make from an old sheet and a piece of curtain material!

See you tomorrow.





Day 78- Giving Thanks.


As a busy person, to suddenly be bought to an abrupt stop is a bit of a shock to the system. I have worked for years, to a timetable, with sharp focus on what I need to do. The nature of my job means that two days are never the same. I give thanks everyday for the chance to work with young people, and the lessons that they, in their innocent wisdom, can teach me; and in turn, I hope, (I don’t want to presume),  that in my role, I inspire them.  I rarely have a day when I have wondered why I chose the career path I did. Light bulb moments in children is the greatest gift in my work….better than any million pound deal!

This recent medical interlude has been really difficult, I will not lie to you. I was made to stop. Physically I have found it difficult to do things that I have in the past taken for granted. The lack of an end date to my confinement has meant that I have had so much frustration. I am a teacher…we plan….a lot! What do you mean you don’t know how long this is going to take! Planning is part of my everyday….it is part of me.

But I have to look at a positively. I need balance.

What have I gained from this experience? What can I give thanks for? …………..

  • Being made to stop. This may seem like a silly thing as it has caused me so much frustration. Stopping…for once…..has to be turned on its head. I could think woe is me, but I have had to face the fact that I don’t ever stop. Is this a good thing? I have come to the conclusion that stopping every now and again and putting your head up and seeing what is going on in the rest of the world has to be a good thing. It certainly puts this into perspective.

Thank you!

  • Being bored! As a mother I can honestly say that I never have time to be bored. Life can become a bit of a treadmill. Grabbing quick meals, doing the same activities with my children. I spend my time telling my charges that boredom is a good thing, as it keeps the imagination going. I was frightened when my whole timetable was tipped on its head. But I needed to practise what I preached……get my imagination flowing. I have gone back 25 years; when I last had time on my hands, and I had time to be as wild with my imagination as I wanted.

Thank you!

  • Time! For the first time for 25 years I have had time. It scared me…I will admit it. What was I going to do? There is only so much daytime TV you can watch; I can’t garden as it requires too much heavy lifting, bending and stretching; it’s raining so a walk is out of the question. I had to think fast. Using the time and mixing it with the boredom it had a positive outcome.

Thank you!

  • Lost skills! So; what did I get up to? Well imagination wise I am definitely drawn to the creative side. Textiles is a passion that I had completely forgotten about. The rain was falling, What was I going to do? Imagination fired, the sewing machine came out. I was home! Feeling the material flowing through my fingers was bliss.

Thank you!

  • Finding new skills. Blogging! What was all this about? I had heard about it, but thought it was a buzz word that I simply didn’t have time for. But I needed a focus, something that would keep me occupied for the duration of my recovery. Something that would stop me from sitting in front of the TV everyday. It was DH that suggested I blogged, he thought it would be therapeutic. A Year on the Make was born, and I have to admit I love blogging. Taking me from the reality of the day, and allowing me to focus on the positives of my life at the moment.

Thank you!

Why am I reflecting at this time? Well, a return to work is imminent…..I hope. I have enjoyed these stolen days, because I have made myself enjoy them. The reality is that I have made myself focus on the positives…writing about negatives is a real turn off. This blog started life as a form of occupational therapy, but it has become something that I love to write at the end of each day. I want to amuse, I don’t want to offend  – Mum will keep me in line on that score! 🙂 ; and I hope you are enjoying reading about my journey.

See you tomorrow


PS. I have been doing this too today. See it is nearly finished!