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Trees! Trees! Trees!


Whoops! I wrote this a couple of days ago and forgot to post it. Well I say I forgot; the net was so slow that I waited so long for it to do it stuff that I ran out of time and I needed sleep. I promised myself I would post it the next day……but forgot! So he is the post!


Good evening. Just taking a break from the marking! I was sifting through my pictures of the years makes and I realised that there was one particular item that seems to crop up again and again.

Digital Camera

Trees for Christmas……


Trees for Easter…..


Trees for Summer and…..


Trees for Winter.

These trees have been very popular as you can see, and I seem to be constantly asked to make ‘just one more’! Not that I am complaining as they look really sweet nestled on a book shelf or in the middle of a dinner table.

Guess what I have been making today!

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Day 94- Very, very excited!


Good evening.

I hope you have had a good day. It has been very busy here…with a very early start. (Thanks Roo!) But we had a very exciting package delivered to us very early this morning too. Guess what? THE TICKETS ARE HERE!

What tickets I hear you ask? These tickets……………

Woo Hoo! I must admit that I have not been as excited as the rest of my brood until now. It’s official…we are going! It’s little things like this that make my heart skip, and then I have a lovely feeling all day. I am glad these arrived first thing this morning.

Now these have been locked up in Fort Knox as DH is worried that they will get pinched! I’m not sure that anyone will be risking imprisonment for our tickets however as they are not for the Atheletics…..we couldn’t get those. They did however cost the same amount as a small car, so I think he may have a point!

So exciting start to the day completed, how did the rest pan out.

Well you know what it is like when you come back from a trip. Bags are unpacked, washing commences, and things are just out of place and higgledy piggledy. That is how the house has been since Monday. Bags have been waiting for towels and holiday stuff to be washed before they can be put away. Other bags have been waiting to be unpacked and the contents fed into the washing machine. souvenirs are still a novelty litter the floor. I have to admit to it driving me mad. I think that this disorganisation has had some impact on my lethargy as far as my making is concerned. There has been so much to get on and do I cannot justify sitting and making when I can so so much else that needs doing.

Spurred on by the arrival of our tickets, and the welcome arrival of a few rays of sunshine, I was determined to vanquish the washing pile and get the house in order. It was delicious to be able to hang out things on the line. We seem to be in the eye of the rainstorm however, as more monsoons are forecast for tomorrow and the weekend. But make use of the lull I did.

I can now say that I am sitting in a sort of straight house. DH and myself have pulled a load of plaster off the conservatory wall however. It was hanging off…..and DH did most of it! something for me to focus on tomorrow?

Anyway; I managed to sit down this afternoon and do a bit of stitching.

Do you remember this…………..

Yes my first Gah! If you remember it took me all afternoon, and about six attempts to get this far. Mum agreed with me too. I think her words were…..”Not up to your usual standard of stitching.” Well not being very happy with it at all, I took it apart and put the plant pot aside for another day. Well today was the day!

As you know I have made lots of crocheted flowers before, but I felt like using something a little different. I am not usually a big fan of felt as if it is not cut correctly it can really make the finished item look iffy. But I have been experimenting with flowers. I showed them to you yesterday. Well using a range of colours, I came up with this………………..

Tadah! I think this looks so much better than my first flower pot……What do you think Mum?

Now I’ll be honest with you. These little flowers take an age to make, 10 to 15 minutes for each one. As there is 15 on this flowerpot you can imagine how long this has actually taken, and that is just the stitching. But I absolutely love it.

It stands about 25cm tall, and it is weighted in the base with clay. What is it for I hear you ask? Oh you are asking me lots of questions today! Well, I thought that this would be perfect for our outside table…..if we ever get to sit outside. Our back garden can be notoriously breezy…..particularly in an evening, delicious breezes flowing from the rolling hills. Table cloths lift in the breeze knocking everything over. Such a crime to lose a nice glass of wine when a cheerful little plant pot can weigh the cloth down. Hurrah!

I really enjoyed myself today. I have lots of ideas now wafting about my head for future makes too. I think the making Mojo is back! Woo Hoo! 🙂

See you tomorrow.



Day 18- Time for a breather!


Day 18! I can’t believe it! Where is the time going to?

And so we come to the end of a very busy week. I must admit to having had a very lazy day today – especially after yesterdays manic craft frenzy.  The weather is still unseasonably hot, and so the morning was spent sorting suitable clothes to wear- and crying about the clothes that no longer fit. Boo Hoo! Damn you winter comfort food!

Lunchtime was spent in a particularly nice way as it was my aunts birthday. We had agreed to meet at a local pub. I arrived- with knitting as usual, to find everyone sitting outside in the sunshine, drinking bubbles and admiring presents. Good company and nice conversation- what a decadent way to spend a school day afternoon! (Although I was not drinking. But I can reveal I am enjoying a cheeky glass of wine now. Cheers auntie M!)

Anyway onto today’s make. Having finished so much yesterday I must admit to be unenthusiastic about starting anything today. But I set myself this challenge and so there is no escape! So here it is. Drum roll perlease……….

Coming soon to a craft fair near you! That is if this makes it. I love all these colours together and this tree looks very comfortable sitting on the conservatory table. I can imagine this brightening up a very dull day.

The one thing I was determined to do before setting out on this craft fair venture was that whatever I made, I would like. I have made things in the past for the church bazaar; and as my sister says:

” Make sure that what you make you like so if no one buys it you can find it a place at home!”

I have taken two big steps today. To begin with I have taken a friend’s advice and set up a shop on Folksy (the British equivalent of Etsy so she told me 🙂 ). I have not uploaded anything in the shop yet, as that and a craft fair is too much at once. I have also registered this domain and so we are now www.ayearonthemake.com ! Woo Hoo!

It doesn’t change much it just means that I may be easier to find on google!

Please forgive me for talking sales here. I did not start this venture for fame or money- I did it for me. I am as pleased as punch that people are following me and  like what I am doing and making. Even though I may complain, I am enjoying it all really.

Thank you for enjoying my bit of cyberspace.

See you tomorrow. xxxxxx