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Day 76- Ouch!


Good evening!

I hope are all of you have enjoyed a sun-shiney Sunday, and are feeling relaxed and refreshed ready to face the week ahead.

Well, I need to start today with an apology. Mum saw yesterdays post and thought that my soap box ramblings about Eurovision sounded like sour grapes. I hope that you could read that I had my tongue in cheek as I was writing. To be honest, we tune into Eurovision every year, sometimes with a score sheet, (but don’t tell anyone!) It has become a sort of family tradition here, as we discuss the performance and costumes of the competitors. We love predicting the way the voting will go….like Cyprus always giving 12 points to Greece; and the Boznia-Herzogovena (is that how you spell it?) / Macedonia/ Serbia triangle of patting each other on the back with  points! You’ve got to admit it has become somewhat predictable, and it was this I was commenting on rather than arguing about who the winner was! Hopefully you saw it as the silly banter it was meant to be. 🙂

Moving on! Today was another hot day. Not as breezy as yesterday, but hot all the same. The sunburn that I obtained yesterday meant that I was woken every time I turned over in the night. Ouch! I started today lathering on layers of factor 30, and covered shoulders and back before venturing anywhere. I really felt for those brave souls…DH included….who ran tha half marathon today. It was a fantastic achievement especially  in this heat. Congratulations to all of you, whether you finished or not, I certainly couldn’t do it

While Dh was pounding the streets with few thousand others, the boys and myself toasted Dad with coffee/ tea/ apple juice and Danish pastries! Hurrah!

Then on to making. So what did I do? Well I still had some familiar fabric left, and overjoyed with the shoulder bag I made earlier this week I decided to create this……..

This is using the same pattern as the floral and tartan bags…..but I love it. These bags hold loads, and since making the larger shoulder bag I have not stopped using it. They are great for taking away too as they can be packed flat, and are so much more appealing than the normal tote bags. This one may be making its way on holiday too. Hurrah!

I have not forgotten about the little triangles that I showed you earlier this week too. I just have not had time to finish it yet. Maybe tomorrows Tadah?

Anyway I have a snoring Rooster next to me who needs moving to his bed, so I shall sign off for tonight.

See you tomorrow.





Day 44


Good Evening.

What a horrible, murky, drippy, gloomy rainy day we have had today. I thought we were supposed to be in a drought! I was soaked through to my under wear just coming in from the car.

As you can imagine, I have not ventured far from home today; preferring to sit and potter in the conservatory, listening to the rain pounding on the roof. There is something quite comforting about listening to the rain. I just hope it does not last for much longer.

Anyway, what have I been up to today?

Well I have done loads of preparation. I had forgotten how many hours it takes to get ready for a patchwork project. I have done small patchwork projects, but the preparation for these are nothing in comparison. I’m sure it will be worth it though.

I also catalogued what I have already got for the next craft fair, and started to cut out patterns for the makes that I need to make.

I also made this………..

Now I know I have made these types of bag before, and I don’t want this blog to just be a showcase of things you can buy at a craft fair but I did challenge myself on this make. I don’t know if you can tell from the photograph, but this is made from oilskin. What a nightmare to work with! Why did nobody tell me before I started. I don’t know if you have ever worked with this material, so let me explain; when you are sewing with the wrong sides facing….no problem. Chaos begins when the right side is facing outward. The plastic coating means that the fabric sticks to the sewing machine workings, both the teeth and the presser foot. The only way to keep the fabric moving is to encase the seam to be sewn in tissue paper. This then needs to be picked out from the stitching. Grrrrrrrr!

That aside, I am quite pleased with the finished outcome. Unfortunately I could not face stitching the sides to give the bag structure….well not today! Despite that, I think it looks rather good. Especially with the deep pink lining.

Want to see?

Oh! What is that hiding in there? Can you see what it is?

Yes! It’s proper labels. (Unfortunately a bit blurry; but it is late and I can’t be bothered taking another photo.) I am officially a brand name! I was very excited when I was sewing the label in. Like a child at Christmas….well maybe not that excited, but giddy all the same. Unfortunately DH and the monsters were not as enthusiastic as myself…as the make was holding up dinner.

Anyway lots more makes tomorrow, all with proper labels….plus a new design I have devised today; occupational therapy, as I am still not back at work!

See you then.